Blog14 May 2020

Andrews launches modern electric boiler with built-in heat exchanger

We are delighted to introduce a new mobile electric boiler that provides clients with an all-encompassing solution to a range of applications requiring heating.

The compact 22kW boiler features a built-in heat exchanger to simplify installation, minimise footprint and removes the need for an additional HEX unit on site. This internal heat exchanger allows heat to be exchanged between two fluids without them mixing with one another. This is extremely important if the heating application is working with a chemical or an inhibiter.

Specifically designed for underfloor heating applications, this unit is also suitable for screed drying, central heating and other processes during the early stages of a construction project.

Requiring only a 415V three phase 32-amp power supply in order to function, the unit is easily connected to existing systems and pipework and can be operational within minutes of set-up.

A digital controller provides clients with more accurate temperature control than is possible with units available elsewhere, energy efficient electrical elements help reduce running costs by ensuring that power consumption is limited.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Built-in heat exchanger providing all-encompassing solution
  • Extremely lightweight for easy manoeuvrability
  • Seamless connection to existing systems for quick installation
  • Instant heating for a variety of applications
  • Highly efficient for cost-effective operation
  • Runs on a 3-phase 415 V power supply for simple set-up
  • Small dimensions enabling use in space-restricted areas
  • High maximum working temperature for multitude of environments
  • Digital controller for accurate temperature adjustments

Lightweight and fully manoeuvrable, the 22kW boiler can be easily positioned next to underfloor heating manifolds or pipework in scenarios where space is severely restricted.

Matt Stapley, Technical Director at Andrews Sykes, said: “In recent years it has become apparent that customers like to hire a boiler with a heat exchanger as part of the package. Designing a boiler with a built-in heat exchanger was therefore a priority for us, as it catered for a customer request that we see almost every day.

“The new 22kW boiler still has the capability of running the heating water straight through the boiler bypassing the heat exchanger, should the application require that, providing a more rounded solution than many of our competitors can offer.”

For further details on our 22kW electric boiler with heat exchanger or more information on the scenarios and applications for which it has been designed, call us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, click here for a full list of specifications and a product description.

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