Blog28 January 2015

Andrews keeps country estate warm in winter

Whether our customers require heating for small marquee gatherings or large indoor events with hundreds of guests, our technicians will help devise the best available hire package to make your function run as smoothly as possible.

So when a newly-wed couple and their families booked one of Yorkshire’s most picturesque and historic country houses, there was an immediate requirement for temporary heating to ensure visitors remained comfortable while celebrating the occasion. An existing system linked to a large lake in the grounds is capable of generating a 5°C uplift all year round. However, as the wedding party hail from warmer climates, additional heating was sought to replicate the environment they are used to overseas.

Our client therefore wanted temperatures inside the main gallery to be around 20°C prior to people arriving, so a workable solution needed to be in place hours in advance. It was decided that two FH111 indirect fired oil units would be stationed outside the building, with hot air ducted in through a series of sash windows.

Once the area was deemed warm enough, the units were disconnected and all windows shut in order to retain the heat. Three open fires were then lit to supplement warmth generated by our equipment, allowing the whole event to successfully pass off without issue.

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