Blog5 November 2013

Andrews Heat for Hire works with leading TV studio during reconstruction

A leading television studio, which is home to one of the UK’s favourite soaps, has recently completed some major reconstruction work. During the building of their new facility a new studio floor was laid. A specialist flooring company was employed to provide a resin based floor covering, this type of flooring is stronger than concrete and incredibly low maintenance.

Whilst the floor was being laid it was essential that a temperature of 18°C was maintained in order for the floor to set correctly. Any sudden drop in temperature could have caused the covering to be ruined.

Due to the complex nature of this work the contractor recommended Andrews Heat for hire, who have had many years of experience in providing heating for flooring and construction.

Andrews Heat for Hire supplied the studio with two powerful Aurora FH 185  indirect fired heaters from their local depot in Manchester. These high performance heaters were placed outside of the construction areas and heat was then fed into the building via ten metres of ducting. The FH 185 is easily transportable and compact without compromising on power.  In order to create and maintain a stable temperature of 18°C we provided the client with two thermostats. The thermostats measured the temperature of the area being heated and ensured that the desired set temperature was maintained.

Originally the client ordered one heater to provide the heating to the first studio, however the client was so impressed that they ordered a second heater for the next studio, this enabled the work to be accelerated and completed ahead of schedule. Andrews Heaters can be used in all types of construction and building applications. These include concrete curing, the drying out of walls and floors, heating in hazardous conditions and drying buildings after flood damage or long periods of disuse.