Blog7 November 2012

Andrews Heat for Hire: the best for football pitches this winter

Every winter, Andrews Heat for Hire are called to various football grounds across the country. Icy weather and freezing temperatures can mean major disruptions and cancellations for many matches.

Last year, at a major London club, the pitch was frozen, threatening the following day’s FA Cup tie. Andrews Heat for Hire quickly arrived at the club supplying 12 heating units to thaw the ground.

The heaters were delivered and running in less than three hours. Despite the frost being two inches deep, the pitch was playable by 6pm, with the heaters running overnight to ensure it stayed ‘frost-free’.

The units were removed for the kick-off and the referee declared the pitch in excellent condition! To make sure your football pitch is kept in top condition against the freezing conditions this winter, call Andrews Heat for Hire on 0800 211 611 today.