Blog25 January 2023

Andrews Heat for Hire stops cast stone manufacturers from becoming stone cold!

As a sustainability conscious company, we’re pledging to strengthen our efforts to reduce our waste production in 2023. So it was rather fitting that one of our first projects in the new year involved assisting another organisation to fulfil the same commitment.

In some industries, low temperatures are not conducive to maximising output and this can, in itself, also lead to materials being wasted or damaged. Many of our clients manufacture products or store raw materials that need to be maintained at a certain temperature to preserve their condition and eliminate the risk of items being destroyed or discarded.

A bespoke stone masonry – who also just so happens to supply to a number of our construction clients – became concerned about their product quality being adversely affected by cold weather. Unfortunately, as dust is an occupational hazard in their industry, a build-up of particles caused the eventual breakdown of their current permanent heating system.

Stones are cured to ensure the required product specifications are achieved, and their longevity is a crucial aspect for consideration ahead of any building development. If the temperature is below a required level, they will not cure properly and so the integrity of the product is lost.

Andrews engineers have a reputation for providing a reliable emergency 24-hour service – something our customer was quick to take advantage of. We conducted a site survey to ascertain requirements within hours of receiving the enquiry, ensuring their heating concerns were addressed and an appropriate solution determined.

It was important that our specialist handled the issue with a great deal of urgency as we were keen for the company to avoid losing further stock. Our response was to run ducting into the factory at ground level and allow a temporary source of heating to be distributed throughout the factory.

Two Aurora FH 1111 indirect fired heaters were used to continuously maintain a warm internal temperature, and these were quickly up and running. In addition, the client hired a complementing 3000-litre bunded tank. Two remote thermostats were also supplied to guarantee accurate temperature control. This increased the ambient temperature by at least 5-10C at specific locations where products were stored to cure, which was exactly what was required.

The successful installation was greatly received by our customer, who was able to continue meeting typical production targets without any concerns about the finished product.