Blog15 April 2015

Andrews Heat for Hire protect rare plants and organisms in Southern England

Once a gas leak has been detected, the default response is for the supply to be switched off in order to minimise potential risks. But when this occurred in Greater London, one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions was faced with the very real possibility of losing some of its most precious exhibits forever.

A withdrawn gas supply therefore had potentially devastating implications for one of the UK’s most famous exotic hotspots, with over 30,000 rare species now suddenly endangered by fluctuating early spring temperatures.

We received a call late in the afternoon, with our client desperate to find a viable solution as quickly as possible. Within two hours, a regional specialist was on site and conducting a survey of the affected areas in order to ascertain the most suitable course of action.

The urgent nature of the project meant that we would need to propose units that could be quickly delivered and set up, thus accelerating the temporary solution. Twelve ID65 indirect fired heaters had arrived at the location by 9pm and these were deployed in two separate greenhouses to help keep plantation valued at approximately £17m alive.

It later emerged that much of the collection required a tropical environment in order to survive, and this meant temperatures inside could not drop below 0°C. Our experts remained in the vicinity until 3:30am the following morning to ensure the job had gone as planned, with all equipment set to remain on hire until the source of the gas leak has been repaired.

By proposing and implementing an appropriate temporary heater hire solution within a very short turnaround time, we were able to keep an extensive assortment of exotic scarce shrubbery intact – much to the customer’s relief!

The site manager in charge of obtaining a replacement heat source was extremely impressed by the professionalism of our technicians, who had all units installed at incredibly short notice. As such, we have been given assurances that should a similar problem arise in the future, Andrews Heat for Hire will be the first port of call.