Blog24 October 2023

Andrews Heat for Hire: making winter more affordable!

With continually rising energy prices, we understand businesses need smart solutions to dramatically reduce heating costs this winter. Andrews Sykes offers several advanced options to help companies efficiently and affordably warm their workspaces:

Switch to Industrial Heating Oil

Transitioning your heating systems to our cleaner-burning, highly efficient Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) can lead to substantial fuel savings of up to 25% compared to traditional diesel. Producing fewer noxious emissions while retaining the same key performance qualities, our IHO-powered rental heaters and boilers also achieve over 90% efficiency for maximum energy savings.

Implement Remote Monitoring

Our recently upgraded, state-of-the-art telemetry systems allow for convenient remote troubleshooting and instantaneous problem-solving, eliminating unnecessary service calls and site visits. This cutting-edge technology also provides you with live, real-time data on critical factors like current fuel levels and heating efficiency. This gives you greater oversight and control to proactively manage your systems.

Add Thermostats

The strategic addition of thermostats enables heaters to automatically switch off upon reaching the desired temperature thresholds you set. This simple adjustment can reduce annual fuel consumption by up to 20% annually – a significant reduction that quickly adds up. Many of our electric heater rentals come with built-in thermostats, giving you flexible options to control costs.

Utilise Recirculation

For large indirect-fired space heating units, specialised recirculation ducting creates fuel savings of up to 20% by continuously recirculating warmed indoor air rather than constantly intaking energy-draining fresh cold air from outside. View our video here to understand how this ingenious technology works.

With almost 60 years of dedicated expertise, Andrews Sykes provides extensively tailored heating solutions optimised for your industry and application. Their experienced team helps implement multiple advanced cost-cutting measures, from transitioning to IHO to installing telemetry, adding thermostats, and strategically leveraging recirculation. This winter, substantially reduce your facility’s heating expenses with Andrews Sykes.