Blog2 October 2018

Andrews Heat for Hire help to keep school open

Severe weather conditions can create significant problems for schools, closing a school, even for just a day, interrupts education and can have serious implications for parents and students alike. Therefore when a school in Bristol called Andrews Sykes for assistance after their boiler room had flooded, we acted immediately.

Within 4 hours we had delivered and installed a number of DE25 2.8 kW Electric Fan Heaters, placing two in each classroom where they were able to heat the classroom with ease.  The DE 25 is a very efficient electric fan heater, it’s available with a built in thermostat for fully automatic and is suitable for virtually any location.

During the long cold months we aid to keep schools running, regardless of their broken down heating source, by supplying temporary heating – at economical hire charges. We deliver our units within the same day of the initial call, and pride ourselves on providing our clients with high quality value for money.

No matter how bad the weather conditions Andrews Heat For Hire can deliver anywhere within 4 hours of the placed order. The units were delivered and installed efficiently and the teachers and pupils were pleased with the solution provided.

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