Blog4 December 2012

Andrews Heat for Hire heats the stage for one of the world’s biggest global superstars

When a venue required first class heating at an A-lister ‘Christmas light switch on’ event this month, there was only one heating supplier to contact: Andrews Heat for Hire. Being the No.1 heating supplier in the UK, we are the leader in safe, cost effective portable heater hire.

The venue at first proved problematic to heat as it was an open air venue. Our heating specialist however, solved the problem by strategically placing 12 of our most powerful heaters, the DE25, effectively around the venue ensuring every corner was heated. The DE25 electric heater is one of our very efficient fan heaters powered on 230 volts.

The customer was very happy with the heaters as A-listers were kept warm throughout the ‘Christmas light switch on’! Andrews Heat for Hire provides a wide range of heaters ready to hire today. Have a look at our range here or contact us to speak to one of our specialists here!