Blog14 March 2014

Andrews Heat for Hire assist historic heritage grounds

A famous heritage park in Leicestershire needed urgent heating in order to speed up a refurbishment process during the winter months. Two iron headstocks – preserved from the days when the area was a coal mining village – required painting and general restoration.

Andrews Sykes engineers visited the location and designed a system using poly-wrap; ensuring hot air was evenly distributed around the base of the headstock. It was decided that a temperature of 8°C would need to be maintained throughout the process to facilitate necessary coating and curing.

Our solution to the issue enabled a much-needed renovation to take place during a period where the grounds were not particularly busy. If Andrews Heat for Hire hadn’t have provided and designed an appropriate application, the project would have been stalled until the summer because of stringent temperature requirements.

The client was pleased with the assignment’s outcome, particularly as a four month wait to beginning work was avoided. Local press also published a number of stories on the site’s restoration, highlighting its popularity to the people of the East Midlands.