Blog16 March 2021

Andrews delivers heating solution to unconventional production control room

Our experience of working alongside TV companies is extensive and has seen us provide specialist equipment to assist the filming of some of the world’s most popular films and shows. During that time, there is very little we haven’t seen. From creating artificial waterfalls for a specific scene to delivering a quiet high capacity air conditioning system designed to cool an entire TV studio, our track record for implementing solutions speaks for itself.

The aptitude of Andrews Sykes’ engineers is well-known in the industry, which is why a private media company responsible for the production of one of the UK’s best-loved series felt confident about trusting us with a requirement they had.

Our customer was looking to ensure that there were regular air changes within an airplane based at the location in which the bulk of their footage is filmed. This plane – a large Boeing 747 – is typically rented out to whichever producers are using the site at the time. In this instance, our client was looking to protect their staff from the possible transmission of COVID and required some ventilatory assistance as a matter of urgency.

Due to temperatures being lower than normal for this time of year, an Andrews expert actually proposed the hire of an indirect fired heater instead of a conventional fan. Because this type of heater uses clean, outdoor air, units like our ID65 can continuously deliver large volumes of safe, warm air to an application which also helps provide several air changes per hour.

Unaware that this option was available to them, our client was absolutely delighted that we not only solved their original problem but also tackled a separate issue that they hadn’t even considered. We were even able to provide a long length of ducting to allow our ID65 to be deployed more than 20 metres away from the plane – thus eradicating the potential for operating noise to disturb the planned broadcast.

Despite receiving the enquiry at short notice, our regional technician surveyed the job early in the morning before all kit was delivered and installed later that same day.