Blog7 July 2014

Andrews Dehumidification save valuable steel stock

The steel industry is very important, not only does it help to shelter us but it also facilitates our working and leisure day. Whether it be for producing goods or using the material on its own, it is essential to our economy.

A warehouse located in Lincolnshire was in an emergency situation when rain breached walls and caused severe flooding within the storage space. Millions of pounds worth of steel was at risk of oxidising just as it was ready to be exported. The warehouse manager tasked with storing and preparing the steel approached Andrews Sykes for an urgent and immediate solution.

Andrews Dehumidification carried out a free site survey and understood the urgency of drying the warehouse quickly, considering the vulnerability of the situation. It was decided to supply a variety of dehumidifier units in operation with two heating units. The Andrews expert selected four DH150’s and two FH4000’s. This arrangement was placed strategically in order to dry out the space in the shortest time possible, as well as maintaining ideal humidity levels.

The customer was very happy with the solution. Millions of pounds worth of steal was saved from rusting, and was subsequently exported on time. Andrews Dehumidification offers a wide range of units to provide complete solutions for all drying needs.

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