Blog25 July 2014

Andrews Dehumidification Hire help dry floor screed in Glasgow

A construction company in Glasgow was in the process of drying their floor screed when the weather turned against them and the process took longer than expected. The contractors immediately called Andrews Sykes Hire for an instant and tailored solution. After providing a free site survey from one of our experts, the conclusion was to supply seven HD500 Refrigerant Dehumidifiers, seven ASF21 Ventilation Fans and seven DE25 Heater units.

These units were placed in keeping with the layout of the building, bearing in mind the long halls and uniquely shaped rooms. In addition, we also supplied a generator with fuel to support the constant working of the equipment. The HD500 DV Dehumidifier Building Dryer, is built to endure the dynamic conditions of a construction site. The large wheels make it very manoeuvrable and it’s safe and easy in use.

The project was a success, the builders were on a strict deadline and were able to finish on time. Andrews Dehumidification Hire understand your needs and urgency when it comes to deadlines, we can create bespoke solutions with effective results for any drying requirement. We can deliver and install on the same day as your initial call.

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