Blog10 September 2014

Andrews Dehumidification helps preserve historic documents

When a library’s storage facility in Staffordshire suffered an unexpected air handler breakdown, the premises’ entire contents became vulnerable to damage. It was therefore imperative that a solution was put into place to protect important books, maps and other articles while the archive’s air handler was being repaired.

One of our dehumidification hire experts visited the site to conduct a thorough assessment which enabled us to gain a better understanding of the application’s requirements. It was therefore decided that we would provide three FD40 units complete with humidistats, and three Polar Wind portable air conditioners. This ensured the temperature and humidity level could be effectively controlled at all times and afforded the customer peace of mind.

In total, the equipment was on hire for three weeks; by which time the library’s existing system had been fixed and redeployed. The client was impressed with our quick response to the enquiry which helped maintain the building’s condition throughout a potentially disruptive period.

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