Blog9 January 2014

Andrews Dehumidification and Heat for Hire reduce moisture levels

Recent heavy rainfall that has dramatically affected people in the UK, has not only caused extreme flooding across the country, but has caused increasing moisture levels in buildings. A police department in North Yorkshire recently contacted Andrews Heat for Hire in the hope of finding a solution for a moisture problem in cable traps under the floor. A specialist engineer carried out a no obligation free site survey to determine the client’s needs. It was decided that the most effective way to dry out the building would be to supply three powerful FH111 heaters alongside twelve HD 500 refrigerant dehumidifiers.


Both products work excellently together as room temperatures are easily controlled via the FH111 heating units, where the heat helps extract the moisture out of the building’s fabric and encourages this moisture into the dehumidifiers. After the units were fitted they were controlled by thermostats to help control the temperature and moisture levels in the building. This is an on-going project however moisture levels have already been significantly reduced and the customer is pleased with the progress so far.

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