Blog24 July 2023

Andrews comes up with golden ticket for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stage show

A few weeks ago, the team at Andrews Sykes once again demonstrated our ability to provide exceptional service when faced with a critical situation during the famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theatre show.

On a Sunday evening, we received an urgent call from the stage manager, who was concerned about rising temperature levels backstage posing a potential risk to the children performing. The weekend prior, the show had to cancel two performances due to the scorching heat on the stage. It was evident that immediate action was needed to ensure the show could go on. And thanks to us, it did!

Understanding the unique requirements of theatre productions, we quickly devised a plan to provide the necessary cooling while remaining discreet and unobtrusive to the audience. The following morning, our team arrived at 10am to conduct a thorough site survey. By 2pm, four PAC22 cooling units were delivered to the theatre.

Our engineers sprang into action, modifying the units to ensure greater flexibility and efficiency. Additionally, they installed an additional 40 meters of ducting which allowed cool air to be directed towards areas where it was most needed.

Thanks to our swift response and expertise in handling such situations, the rising temperature backstage was swiftly brought under control. As was in the intention, all productions went ahead as planned from this point onwards, and the children performed in a safe and comfortable environment despite relentless sizzling weather.

Once again, Andrews Sykes demonstrated why we are the go-to choice for urgent cooling solutions, especially in challenging and time-sensitive scenarios. Our ability to adapt, act swiftly, and provide unbeatable service is what sets us apart, leaving our clients with true peace of mind.