Blog29 May 2014

Andrews Chillers salvage industrial production line

An automotive company headquartered in Glasgow encountered a potential problem with their production line when their cooling system failed. A cooling tower failure meant that quenching water could not be effectively chilled – thus preventing a vital aspect of the manufacturing routine from being able to advance.

The client is responsible for assembling engineered axles for heavy goods vehicles and reliant on equipment to remove process heat during manufacturing. Our solution was to run the quench tank water through a 30 kW chiller, although ambient temperature conditions made this appear complicated initially.

Because the water leaving the machine was at 35 degrees, it was suggested that this should pass through a heat exchanger. The size of the chiller was calculated against the tank capacity, which led to us recommending a 30kW unit. This helped reduce the water’s temperature to around 8 degrees, enabling the industrial procedure to continue.

By responding to the issue quickly, we ensured our customer’s output targets were still met despite the project’s intricate nature.

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