Blog1 August 2016

Andrews Chillers restore hotel cooling

If a hotel’s air conditioning fails, it is absolutely imperative that an alternative cooling arrangement is sourced to guarantee the comfort of your guests. Failure to provide this often overlooked amenity can tarnish a visitor’s experience and in turn, affect your reputation within what is now an extremely competitive industry.

A luxurious London hotel undergoing major refurbishment decided to replace its air conditioning system, with the hope of keeping their site chillers online. As the project progressed, it became clear this would not be possible and thus a temporary hire package was required.

In response to an emergency enquiry, we positioned a powerful 750kW chiller unit on the service road at the rear of the hotel – the only place in which it could be feasibly placed. This was then connected to an internal chiller circuit via a series of hosing, and commissioned for operation within 24 hours of the original phone call.

This short-term solution proved perfect in keeping everyone cool whilst also preventing the hotel from incurring any further disruption. Our client expressed immense gratitude for our speed of service and apt response and even declared they would approach us again should similar projects arise in the future.

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