Blog21 February 2014

Andrews Chiller Hire cool club night in Manchester

Excessive heat conditions in nightclubs can cause many problems for guests, from heat stress to heat exhaustion, fainting and heat stroke. High temperatures fail to meet health and safety standards and therefore when a night club venue in Manchester had temperatures of 40°C, the night club was almost forced to cancel its events unless action was taken. Andrews Chiller Hire was contacted by the event organiser to provide an effective cooling solution. Within 48 hours of receiving the initial call we had surveyed the area, quoted for the hire period, delivered and installed the units.

Nightclub cooled due to Andrews Chiller Hire

Ten 50kW air handlers were supplied, the units were located on either side of the main dance floor to maximise on the cooling. Each air handler was connected to a 500 kW Chiller unit via flexible hoses and tees. This system delivered high volumes of cool air ensuring the air temperature inside the event hall was below 22⁰C, compared to the original 40⁰C. Andrews Chillers ensured that the event started safely. The night club owners were very happy with the result as it meant that future events could go ahead as planned. The hire period was extended for several weeks proving that this cooling system is highly effective for these high profile events.

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