Blog1 November 2011

Andrews Boiler Hire Sets Guinness World Record

Andrews Boilers Hire helped a number of shower enthusiasts to break the Guinness world record for the most people in a shower at one time.

152 people set out to break the previous number of 145 people under a shower despite wintry weather conditions. This was undoubtedly made bearable for the shower-fanatics by the temporary 100kW Andrews Boiler Hire unit ensuring the water was set at a hot temperature all the way through.

Cameron Denne, Area Sales Manager, said “Andrews Boiler hire worked with the on-site  engineers to design a hot water supply for the shower, we delivered installed and commissioned the Boiler Hire unit within 4 hours”

Andrews Boiler Hire is delighted to take part in such an event and is also very pleased with the feedback we received. We always aim to deal with our jobs in the fastest, most expert and professional way.

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