Blog23 April 2018

Andrews assists Sussex WWII air raid shelter

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was recently contacted with an unusual request to assist the drying of a WWII air raid shelter in Brighton, Sussex, which had previously been concealed beneath the tarmac of a school playground!

Incredibly, workers at Downs Junior School rediscovered a once forgotten air raid bunker situated three metres underground. Since then, volunteers have come together to restore the shelter which experts believe would have originally been used to protect as many as 300 children from Luftwaffe planes. The area has since been converted into a local museum which offers an authentic insight into life during the Blitz.

The bunker’s location has unsurprisingly led to excess moisture building up on the walls, floor and some of the artefacts on display. One of our local experts visited the site and deduced that the restriction of a small manhole-style entrance would dictate which equipment we could use to help dry the application.

One of our small refrigerant dehumidifiers was recommended because of its aptitude for operating in tight spaces, and this was deployed with the intention of quickly drying the worst affected areas. We have since been delighted to learn that our drying solution has successfully restored the desired conditions to help preserve the environment.

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