Blog23 August 2023

Andrews Air Conditioning provides gym-ready cooling solutions

In fitness facilities, the significance of a properly functioning cooling system cannot be overstated. The gymnasium, a space where people strive to push their physical limits, necessitates a cool and comfortable environment to facilitate optimal performance.

Recently we received an emergency enquiry as a customer’s gymnasiums cooling system had been vandalised and was no longer working. The system’s copper metal components had been stolen, leaving the facility without its critical cooling. This threatened to compromise the gym’s reputation as a reliable and comfortable workout space, particularly since it was open 24/7, a cooling solution that could provide uninterrupted cold air circulation was needed.

Recognising the urgency of the situation, our engineers swiftly took action. Within a mere 24 hours of the incident, a free site survey was completed, and the solution was to deploy a combination of cooling units to restore the gymnasium’s functionality.

To address the cooling needs of the gymnasium’s different floors a two-fold solution was needed. For the ground floor, two HPAC 45 units were installed. The first floor’s cooling demands were met with the installation of three ET25 units.


Why the HPAC 45?

The HPAC 45 is a mobile air conditioning unit that boasts an impressive cooling and heating capacity of 45kW. Its “plug and play” nature enables rapid deployment with minimal setup requirements.


Why the ET25?

The ET25 is specifically designed for practicality and robustness. With a cooling capacity of 7.33 kW, it is adept at reducing and maintaining temperatures in larger areas.

All our units are engineered to provide unparalleled reliability, ensuring uninterrupted cooling even in the most demanding scenarios, such as a 24/7 operational environment. We understand that constant performance is essential, which is why our units, like the HPAC 45 and ET25, are meticulously designed to deliver continuous and consistent cooling without compromise. In the very unlikely case of a breakdown, we guarantee that we will respond to any breakdown within four hours of being notified.

Whether it’s a bustling gymnasium, a critical data centre, or any other space that demands constant cooling, our units stand as a testament to their unwavering dependability, guaranteeing optimal comfort and functionality whenever they are needed.