Blog28 July 2014

Server rooms kept operational by Andrews Air Conditioning

When server rooms are exposed to rising temperatures, vital software and IT apparatus become susceptible to breakdown. The implications of this scenario are potentially devastating, but Andrews Air Conditioning is well-equipped to help you avert a crippling outcome by providing temporary cooling – even at short notice.

A recent example of our swift response saw us supply a multinational telecommunication company with PAC22 split-type units when a telephone exchange began overheating. This solution prevented a certain geographical area suffering intermittent connection issues and kept all services operational throughout a sustained period of warm weather. The temporary hire of air conditioning equipment therefore proved successful, as it reduced internal temperatures to a safe level.

With engineers and contact agents on hand 24 hours a day, we guarantee to handle any cooling issues irrespective of your location. When seasonal demand for air conditioning products peaks, we always have sufficient stock to satisfy requirements nationwide. We even offer our clients free site surveys, to help us ascertain the best course of action for your particular application or process.

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