Blog30 March 2012

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire cool down the City Council

As computers have become a vital part of all companies it remains essential that computer equipment is well maintained and is running at the optimum temperature needed. Temperatures too high will not only cause computer systems to run slower but they are also most likely to crash causing loss of data.

To ensure your company is kept running smoothly and computers kept cool, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire supply a vast fleet of units suitable for any size room. When a major City Council required air conditioning units for their server room, they approached Andrews Air Conditioning Hire, the UK’s number one service in air conditioning. After speaking to one of our highly qualified experts, we were able to determine the best unit for their application and they were delighted with the solution and quality of the unit provided.

With the upcoming summer months, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire will receive a large number of requests for air conditioning as many server rooms cannot cope with the rising temperatures. Get in there first and call us today on 0800 211 611!