Blog26 July 2018

Andrews Air Conditioning: going the extra mile for our customers

July’s soaring temperatures have prompted weather warnings to be issued across the entire country – and there’s no sign of things slowing down just yet.

In fact, experts have forecasted the imminent arrival of a scorching ‘heat dome’, which is set to keep Britain baking until the autumn season.

Temperatures are expected to reach 37°C before the end of the month – the highest ever recorded for this time of year – so it’s easy to see why the demand for air conditioning has increased beyond measure in recent days.

With major retailers and home stores now reportedly completely sold out of electric fans, you might be forgiven for thinking that solutions to the unbearably warm weather are wearing thin. Fortunately, however, you would be wrong!

Despite unprecedented levels of enquiries and orders, Andrews Air Conditioning have taken steps to ensure supply continues to outstrip the incredible demand by ordering additional units – and these are now ready for immediate hire.

This decision has seen us restock our ever-popular portable Polar Wind units, as well as our range of evaporative cooler models and high capacity split-type air conditioners.

Unlike other companies, we have not run out of stock and still have hundreds of units available for hire. Even in the peak of summer, and with the UK at its metaphorical boiling point, we continue to ensure that our customers are kept cool and calm.

If you’ve got an urgent requirement that needs addressing, get in contact with us today on 0800 211 611. Whether you’re looking to cool an office, hotel, hospital, IT room or any other specialist application, you can rely on us to handle the project from start to finish.