Blog27 June 2019

Andrews Air Conditioning ‘Cool Cab’ hits London’s streets

One particularly breezy London taxi could be the answer commuters have been looking for during the forthcoming hot spell that is expected to strike the capital.

The ‘Cool Cab’ is a freezer on wheels – a refrigerated Hackney Carriage – and has been in operation throughout the recent heatwave to help sweltering commuters escape high temperatures.

Features include an interior cooled by dry ice, a freezer stocked with ice lollies and a state-of-the-art air conditioning system.

The latest heatwave has seen temperatures in London rise above 25◦C, with predictions of 30◦C over the coming days.

A spokesperson for Andrews Air Conditioning, who commissioned the creation of the ‘Cool Cab’, said: “This week has been a scorcher in the UK, and Brits are feeling the heat.

“For commuters there is nothing worse on a hot day that getting into a stuffy taxi, so we wanted to help combat this experience with our own ‘Cool Cab’.

“London commuters are all too familiar with the experience of the Underground in the summer, with the skyrocketing heat and packed carriages.

“The ‘Cool Cab’ is the cure for this.”

Passengers across the capital waved down the taxi from afar, only to be greeted with the unique refrigerated vehicle.

Chilled passenger Steve O’Dare, from Lincolnshire, said: “This is easily the coolest ride I’ve ever had.

“It’s such good fun, and when you get in it’s a different world, and I think it’s a great concept.

“I think, give it another couple of weeks, and we’ll be having an amazing summer. The heat will be rolling in.

Elizabeth Ann Iliffe, who was visiting from the South East, said: “It’s amazing. It feels just like a scene from Frozen.

“It’s was nice to step in just for a few minutes to have a break from the heat and cool off.”

‘Cool Cab’ driver Tony, who has driven a cab for 11 years, said: “I’ve done 10 London summers in the cab and I know now you need some decent air conditioning. It would be impossible to work without it.

“You need to keep cool and stay hydrated, and sometimes in a typical cab this is tough to keep on top of.

“Driving a cab can feel like an endurance, so you have to take care of yourself when the weather gets more extreme.”

Tony is also no stranger to a cool backseat.

“The coolest passenger I’ve had in the back of the cab is Michael Caine.

“He was late for an appointment, and he spoke like he was in the Italian Job. Really cool fella. You think someone like that will be different when you meet them in real life, but Caine was exactly like his characters on-screen.”

The ‘Cool Cab’ is currently running for a limited time but has proved popular with passengers and could be considered for full-time operation across the summer months in the future.

A spokesperson for Andrews Air Conditioning added: “The response we’ve had to the ‘Cool Cab’ has been excellent, and we are glad the concept has been so warmly received.

“Brits are notoriously difficult to please when it comes to the weather – it’s usually too hot, too cold, or too wet – so we’re excited to fill a niche for commuters who prefer to keep on the cooler side on their travels.”