Blog27 June 2023

Andrews Air Conditioning – coming to a screen near you!

For the second consecutive year, our dedicated team of engineers has been invited to work on a highly acclaimed UK TV show. This repeat custom is a testament to the quality of service before, during and after delivery.

The TV crew needed various cooling equipment for the actors, staff and equipment as large heat load was created on set. To meet their requirements, we successfully delivered two PAC 22 units and one ET 25 unit for a two-week period. With the weather expected to intensify, it was considered likely that this hire would be extended – and this has subsequently happened.

Our expertise and professionalism have left a lasting impression on the show’s staff. In fact, one of our engineers was referred to as a “best friend” of a leading cast member due to the relief felt when our air conditioning arrived!

It wasn’t all plain sailing at first, however! Upon arrival on site, it became apparent that there were no lifts available to transport units to their designated locations. As always, though, our resourceful team quickly adapted to the situation, employing a stair climber to overcome this hurdle.

Working on a popular TV show to years on the bounce has been incredibly rewarding for both the personnel involved, and us as a business. The repeat custom is a good indicator and shows that we do live up to our reputation as the best hire company in the UK. We take great pride in the positive feedback received from the show’s staff, who appreciate not only the technical expertise of our engineers but also their friendly and approachable demeanour.

As we continue to serve our clients with dedication and innovation, we look forward to future opportunities that allow us to showcase our expertise and contribute to the success of more TV productions.

Be on the lookout; one of our units may just be the star of a scene!