Blog17 September 2014

Andrews Air Conditioning assists farm shop in Kent

If perishable crops aren’t stored in a closely monitored environment, they are likely to quickly become inedible, spoiled and eventually wasted. Warm temperatures can drastically affect the condition of fruit and vegetables, which is why farms and plantations regularly seek the services of Andrews Air Conditioning.

A client in north-west Kent contacted us during a period of seasonal warmth, looking for a short-term solution to rising temperatures. The farm – based in Dartford – required some temporary equipment to ensure freshly picked broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and courgettes remained as such while on the shop shelves.

We were able to suggest a workable hire package, which included four Polar Wind exhaust type units. The whole enquiry was handled over the phone, which meant that a site survey was not necessary when determining a practical cooling system.

This particular product was recommended because of its efficiency and simple set-up, and these were very effective in helping to keep delicate foodstuffs fresh.

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