Blog22 October 2020

New ventilation fan added to expansive hire range

The last few months have seen a heightened focus on the importance of air changes which has undoubtedly been driven by the COVID-19 epidemic. As a result, it is becoming far less common for businesses to overlook air quality and the role ventilation can play in making commercial environments safer for staff and customers alike.

At Andrews Ventilation, we understand that providing large volumes of clean, fresh air will improve air quality within virtually any indoor application and have devised our range of fans with this purpose in mind.

We are always looking to introduce new products that complement our existing hire fleet, prompting us to add a modern high-performance ventilation fan specifically designed to deliver a constant supply of air to multiple settings.

Our AF3900 has been manufactured with air quality control in mind and has proven to effectively tackle airborne contaminants and reduce virus transmission. Scientific research indicates that buildings with higher air change rates increase occupant health, with advances in technology now making it very easy to monitor air quality metrics including the presence of CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Perfect for offices, hospitals, classrooms, warehouses and any other sealed building requiring greater air movement, the AF3900 offers a flexible ventilation solution that can be installed and operational within seconds.

This versatile unit can be fitted with up to 16 metres of ducting, allowing a source of fresh air to be delivered to areas that are traditionally difficult to reach. Its economical functionality ensures running costs are kept low even in situations where the fan is constantly being used, while its lightweight, portable frame enables simple redeployment whenever necessary.

The AF3900 joins our hire fleet with immediate effect and has already been the subject of various enquiries from customers looking to increase the number of air changes per hour within their business or workplace.

Matt Stapley, Technical Director for HVAC, said: “There is no doubt that in recent weeks and months, and in light of recent events, companies have become far more concerned about ventilation than they perhaps once were.

“At Andrews, we’ve always been aware of the impact that clean air has on peoples’ well-being, and equally, how dangerous airborne particles, toxins and other impurities can be when inhaled. Our popular range of ventilation fans has always satisfied clients’ demands but a noticeable upsurge in enquiries makes now the perfect time to introduce a new high capacity ventilation fan.”

You can click here for an overview of this product’s details, specifications, features and intended applications, or alternatively, call us today on 0800 211 611 to discuss how it can benefit you.

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