Blog20 January 2020

Anaerobic digestion site requires Andrews Boiler Hire

The failure or breakdown of a boiler system can have a significant effect on the day-to-day operation of an anaerobic digestion plant, which is why planned maintenance must be carried out regularly. The anaerobic digestion process relies on the availability of supplementary heat in order to reach optimum conditions, meaning the absence of higher temperatures has a detrimental impact on how microbes are harnessed to manage waste, produce fuels, or both.

When a biodigester on a farm in Devon undertook maintenance of its existing boiler systems on site, a temporary boiler hire solution was required to ensure normal levels of fermentation were maintained throughout. Our client uses microorganisms to break down biodegradable material on an industrial scale, converting farm waste and slurries into renewable energy.

An Andrews engineer visited the client’s site to perform a survey to gain a better perspective of the application, including the best place for us to position a replacement boiler. The customer’s maintenance programme was scheduled to last for between four and six weeks and begin as soon as possible, rendering a quick response necessary. By assessing the site’s requirements in person, our regional expert was able to ascertain the required heating capacities – prompting the installation of a 500kW boiler unit the very next day.

A 3000-litre fuel tank was also delivered and connected to the boiler, with a tank of this size deliberately chosen to ensure our unit could operate continuously for extensive periods. Our boiler was connected to the client’s existing pipework, allowing their original unit to be decommissioned for further inspection. The solution we supplied enabled a seamless changeover and helped minimise disruption on a major energy production site, which was a greatly satisfying outcome from the customer’s perspective.

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