Blog26 October 2011

Air Conditioning in Winter?

It’s a fact that in addition to creating a cool, comfortable summer environment, most modern air conditioning systems can provide clean, cost-effective winter heating too. It’s also a fact that many users aren’t aware of the many benefits of this ‘heat pump technology’.

The latest air conditioning systems are able to work ‘in reverse’, extracting free energy from the external environment to provide comfortable heating even in the depths of winter. They are extremely energy-efficient, with low running costs and a high degree of control.

‘’As winter approaches many of our customers know it’s a great time to get air conditioning installed’’, says Andy Whiteley, Divisional Director of Andrews Air Conditioning Services. ‘’They get a cooling system ready for next summer plus a heating system built-in’’.

To find out how your summer cooling could also provide your winter heating call Andrews Air Conditioning Services.