Blog11 May 2021

Air cleaner hire enables phone company to reopen following chemical spillage

Having a scratch on the front screen of your smartphone can be incredibly annoying, but the good news is that there are now plenty of options available to help you overcome this inconvenience. In many cases, the application of a chemical material called cerium oxide will go some way to concealing or even removing fine scratches and scuff marks on glass.

The downside to using this powder is that it contains chemical elements that are described as being mildly to moderately toxic. In other words, it’s not something you want to breathe in or ingest! Unnecessary exposure to a cerium composite can be very dangerous, which is why a phone repair business quickly contacted us after an accidental leakage inside one of their stores prompted an enforced evacuation of the premises.

With the shop closed immediately and all staff members sent home as a precaution, some temporary equipment was desperately needed to help trap harmful particles present in the air.

Given the potential severity of the issue and the fact that reopening the shop would be impossible until the entire vicinity had been thoroughly purified, we recommended the use of four AC1600 air cleaners to be deployed within the affected application. All units were effectively stationed on the shop floor and operated without any ducting, thus filtering the air already inside the room.

Each AC1600 model features a G4 pre-filter and an HEPA 14 filtration system, with these components working in combination to intercept any impurities and enhance the overall indoor air quality of the environment in which a unit is installed.

Although remarkably simple in terms of its configuration, our multifaceted air cleaning system was precisely what the customer required in their hour of need. The swift action of our local expert helped banish any further concerns about a loss of revenue, with the issue tackled at source just a few hours after the original incident was brought to our attention.