Blog1 March 2023

Adapted submersible pump arrangement gets client out of deep water!

As pump specialists for more than 165 years, we understand most projects are bound by stringent time constraints and that these must always be adhered to. Our flexible sales engineers are trained to work under strict deadlines and are prepared to go above and beyond to ensure safety measures and quality standards are always upheld.

Recently, a utility contractor needed to carry out a survey on a large section of a sewage treatment works in South London. The water level in the area was too high and needed to be pumped down to a level safe enough for operatives to enter and conduct their assessment.

With an agreed four-hour window designated to shut down the works and remove the water, an immediate response was essential. After careful consideration, our engineers suggested that we supply a 12” XFP301M electric submersible wastewater pump with a range of 12” steel pipework, a generator, and a variable speed drive panel.

The XFP301M electric submersible wastewater pump was selected due to its high performance specifications, which meant the entire chamber could be emptied in approximately 50 minutes. We also had to factor in severely inhibiting access issues, which meant the pump itself needed to be reconstructed at ground level and then craned into the intended section.

After successful planning meetings in which the best way to proceed was agreed by both parties, the final strategy was signed off. Working closely with a third-party crane operator, the pump and associated U-bend section was lifted safely into position.

The happy customer was impressed by the way we managed to get the water pumped out despite a range of logistical challenges, allowing the survey to go ahead exactly as planned.

At Sykes Pumps, we pride ourselves on our quick thinking and problem-solving when it comes to ascertaining the best course of action for a customer’s requirement – as ably demonstrated in this example.