Blog23 October 2023

A great end to a busy summer

What a way to wrap up a hectic summer at Andrews Sykes! Over a period of three days, our dedicated engineers and driving team delivered 200 Polar Wind portable air conditioning units to the Marriott Hotel in Central London.

The main cooling system in the hotel had stopped working earlier in the week, resulting in a flood of orders from the hotel: 50 units on Tuesday, another 50 on Wednesday, and 100 more on Thursday. Our team rallied to fulfil the entire 200 unit order before the weekend, ensuring the hotel could continue hosting guests in comfort.

So, what makes the Polar Wind the preferred choice for quick cooling needs?

This modern, sleek unit is designed to fit discreetly into small spaces, making it easy to set up quickly and virtually anywhere needed. With a powerful cooling capacity of 4.1kW, each Polar Wind can cool areas up to 99 m3. The near-silent operation allows the units to run without disrupting guests, making them ideal for noise-sensitive applications like hotels and classrooms.

Some key advantages of the Polar Wind:

  • Fully portable for flexible positioning
  • Stylish design blends into any environment
  • Automatic thermostat for unattended operation
  • Remote control for convenient adjustments
  • Quiet operation won’t disturb guests or students
  • Runs on standard power supply
  • Economical to operate
  • Easy plug and play installation

Delivering quick cooling solutions is one of our specialties here at Andrews Sykes. We’re proud to have provided the Marriott Hotel with the units they needed to ensure top-notch comfort for their guests. It was the perfect way to round off summer, with mid-20 temperatures only recently a thing of the past!