Blog6 February 2023

Products of the Month – February

February is the month of LOVE.

Love is in the air, and sometimes, in the water too! Our monthly product segment has returned again in February, and perhaps fittingly, now features a pair of units.

We’re not entirely sure how they met, but what we do know is that they are the perfect foil to Romeo & Juliet, or just about any other clichéd Valentine’s duo.

They say opposites attract, so let us introduce you to the new IT couple:

DE190 and Piranha S21

The DE190 is a high-capacity electrical heater with three different power settings – 21kW, 42kW, and fan only. It is ideal for heating large industrial spaces of up to 1,200m³ in size. This fully portable fan heater comes complete with an optional remote thermostat and is an ideal heating source for virtually any setting that requires high-capacity fume-free warm air. These include manufacturing facilities, building sites, and tank drying applications.

The Piranha S21 is part of a series of macerator pumps that come complete with a shredding action that provides reliable and economical discharge of effluent under pressure. These robust grinder pumps can achieve heads up to 50 metres and can handle flows up to 6 litres per second. Its simple design allows minimal service and maintenance and it has no vibration allowing smooth running and constant flows.

Both products are easily portable and compact, so maybe that’s why they make the perfect match?