Blog25 February 2013

2014: The Year Of Britain’s Energy Crisis

Energy bills are set to increase as the UK heads towards an energy crisis it was revealed this week. The supplies that we rely on for energy are dwindling and as a result, energy bills are set to rise as the UK heads abroad for gas supplies. Ofgem, the regulator of electricity and gas markets in Great Britain has issued a warning for households and businesses that bills will soar.

Power plants in the UK will slowly be closing over the next three years and the Government’s plan to replace them with new ones won’t be starting until 2020 – a plan that has taken a recent set back with the loss of Centrica who have pulled out of building four new nuclear power stations. The same time scale applies to tapping into domestic gas reserves, meaning that for the next seven to eight years the average energy bill in the UK will rise dramatically, with 2015 to 2018 hitting crisis status. This sharp financial strain will force homeowners and businesses alike to be more frugal and source alternative energy efficient solutions.

Just like every form of technology, heaters have improved greatly in recent years. Many older models are no longer available to buy as newer, more energy efficient heaters enter the market. The original cost price of a heater can be a big expense in times where businesses are trying to save themselves money, but with energy prices set to rise so dramatically, an older heater could be costing you more and wasting expensive energy. With heating so vital, this can cause a huge problem for many who are unable to afford the initial expense. That’s why heater hire from Andrews Sykes is a sensible option in a country filled with uncertain financial climate and rising energy costs.

Andrews Sykes heaters are cost effective and available for both long or short term hire, nationwide, 365 days a year. These powerful electric, gas and oil heaters can be used in your business as a temporarily solution for as long as you need it – plus being a portable heater means that it can be moved to any location if needed, covering you for all eventualities in the cold winters of a cash and energy strapped economy.