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The PAC 14 is a stylish refrigerant - 'Split' portable air conditioner. Split means there are two parts to the system, the room unit and the external condenser unit, The two are connected by a length flexible hose. With the PAC 14 Series 4 QC the smaller condenser unit can be placed up to 4 meters from the room unit.

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Runs on a standard domestic power supply
  • Economical
  • Easy installation Plug in and switch on
  • Quiet operation
  • Fully portable
  • Very reliable
  • Robust construction
  • Medium size Offices
  • Storerooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Medium sized workshops
  • Medium shops
  • Small marquees
  • Hotels
  • Small Hospitality units
  • Restaurants
  • Large domestic living rooms
  • Archives
  • Temporary accommodation
Nominal cooling duty
3.9 kW
Outdoor noise level (max)
57 dba @ 1 mtr
Air flow (max)
416 m3/h
Indoor weight
54 kg 119 lb
Typical cooled area
92 m
Outdoor weight
10 kg 22 lb
Power supply
230v 1ph 50hz Run 7A
PAC line length
2000 mm 78 ins
Automatic Thermostat
Pumped to external condensor
Plug type
BS1363 230 V
Indoor dimensions (L x W x H)
470 x 310 x 800 mm
Average power consumption
1.35 kW/hr
Outdoor dimensions (L x W x H)
495 x 250 x 525 mm
Indoor noise level (max)
44 dba @ 1 mtr

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