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Heat map

Can you guess the hottest place in Africa? What about the highest temperature seen on the face of the Earth?

As we enter the height of summer, it’s easy to think wherever we are is the hottest, most sweltering place in the world; especially when faced with a stuffy office or packed bus, but unless you’re in Death Valley, California, there’s usually somewhere hotter!

In the midst of a heatwave, we wanted to see just how hot cities around the world could get. So here at Andrews Air Conditioning, we have created an interactive heat map, which represents the record highs and current temperatures from notable places across the globe.

Did you know, London’s record temperature is higher than Nairobi’s, or that in 1942 Israel reached a blistering 54 degrees Celsius?

Explore the map above to see how your country compares and the record heatwaves of all time. Smaller nodes represent cities, while larger ones stand for the hottest temperatures ever seen on each continent.

Embed the map on your website:

<iframe style="width:650px; height:600px; position: relative; overflow: hidden; border: 20px solid white" src="http://www.andrews-sykes.com/admin/media/heatmap/" scrolling="no" > </iframe>