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Sykes submersible pumps are renowned throughout the industries they are used in for their unrivalled quality and reliability.

We have developed our electric submersible pump hire fleet to meet the ever changing and increasing demands from our customers. As an independent specialist we are not restricted to one manufacturer, so are able to select the best in class for each application.

From 50mm - 300mm in size and typically rated from 1 Kw - 150 Kw, the Sykes electric submersible pump hire fleet is unique in featuring premium efficiency IE3 motors, offering unrivalled operating economy and high reliability. Sykes electric submersible pumps can deliver months of unattended operation, quietly, reliably and efficiently.

For sustained performance and maximum reliability, our pump hire units are hard to beat, handling everything from clean water to sludge, sewage and slurries. Precision manufactured, they feature hardwearing cast iron parts and corrosion resistant materials throughout. Sykes electric submersible pumps are used across many industries for general ground dewatering, by-pass pumping and bulk fluid transfer applications. To cover every eventuality, Sykes Pumps also offer a fully comprehensive range of accessories including control panels, starters, variable speed drives, telemetry, cables, floats, hoses and couplings, for hire from our nationwide depot network. Combined with our high level of service and expertise, this makes Sykes the natural choice for submersible pump hire.

Sykes Submersibles range of drainer pumps have been deliberately selected to cover the widest range of possible applications.

Available in 110V, 240V and 415V, they are suitable for all environments where an electric submersible is the pump of choice. The smaller pumps in the range are wired so they are simply plugged in to the available electricity supply and are then ready for action. Other pumps can be wired into the electrical circuits at the location requiring the pump, or to a portable generator.

With a pumped head of up to 96m their use for the movement of water from one location to another is ideal.

When used at locations where monitoring is problematical, the pumps can be combined with automatic level controls so they will only run when required. An internal over temperature sensor also ensures that the pump will not run dry.

A small footprint (from 230mm diameter) and the ability to use the pumps at depths up to 20m gives the pump range the versatility needed to deal with less standard pumping applications. Also, the pumps can be combined with flotation units to prevent the need to leave it resting, for example, on a river bed and zinc anodes are available for use in saline water.

As always, environmental considerations are paramount when dealing with fresh water applications where our pumps are offered with non-toxic coatings and environmentally safe white oil.

View our full range of submersible drainage pumps here

The Sykes Pumps range of sewage submersibles has been developed to ensure that whatever the application, we have the ability to provide a pump for hire or purchase.

The requirements of many sewage treatment plants means that controlling the flow is essential to avoid costly incidents, both in financial and environmental terms. With flow rates from 3 l/s to 440 l/s, from pumps which start at 50mm and go up to 300mm discharge size, the range is ideal for the problems faced during the processing of sewage.

If our pumps are required to be used with existing guide rails, then they are adaptable to suit most manufacturers pump stools.

Typical specifications of the sewage pump range from Sykes includes energy saving premium efficient IE3 motors, ATEX rated explosion proof motors, suitable for ’Zone 2’ hazardous areas and Contra-block impellers for superior solids handling. Cast iron construction means that the most robust applications can be dealt with. The cost of use is always a major consideration, so the proven reliability of the Sykes range, combined with the low maintenance requirements, provides our customers with the most cost effective option available.

View our full range of submersible sewage pumps here.

Our range of sludge pumps are specifically designed for applications where the fluid to be moved has a higher viscosity than water but lacks the level of solids found in sewage.

The design of the range allows some solids handling through a vortex impeller and their performance in pumping return activated sludge in Wastewater Treatment Works is second to none.

Manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel, these units combine light weight for their size with the corrosion resistance necessary for the environments they work in.

As with our other ranges, the Sykes sludge pumps offer a small footprint (from 320mm diameter), a choice of voltages (110V or 415V) and the option to have plug and play, or to be wired into an existing circuit.

Sykes submersible sludge pumps are available up to 8kW and with a discharge of up to 100mm diameter. With flow rates from 5.5 l/s to 28 l/s either one, or a combination of pumps, is suitable for most requirements.

View our full range of submersible sludge pumps here.

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