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The GP 100 M is the general purpose industry standard for Constructers, Water utilities and local agencies. Used wherever there’s a need for positive self - priming, the GP100 M incorporates the unique Sykes Univac vacuum system. This enables the pump to prime and re-prime fully automatically from dry. The GP 100 M, is powered by a 18.7kW Lister engine. All Sykes General Purpose pumps are available with alternative prime movers and mountings.

Pump performance

GP 100 M. Max Head: 31.0 m. Max Flow: 45.0 LxS. Max Solid: 44mm Here are the GP100 M dimensions. 1,,500 X 1,450 X 1,940mm and it weighs 998kg excluding fuel.

  • Hard wearing cast Iron parts
  • Easy to tow
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Hours of unattended operation
  • Available as: A four wheeled site trailer
  • Automatic priming and re-priming
  • Available as: Skid mounted
  • Compact and manoeuvrable
  • Available as: High speed road trailer
  • Choice of engines
  • Easy maintenance
  • Electric motor option
  • Clean and dirty water
  • Over pumping
  • Heavy Sludge
  • Site dewatering
  • Heavy Slurry
  • Quarries
  • Waste water
Without fuel 998 kg, With fuel 1103 kg
Pump Materials
Main pump: SG grade iron
(LxWxH)mm: 1940x1450x1500, typical length including tow bar 2620mm
Pipe Connections
Suction: 4” Table D, Discharge: 4” Table D, Optional Bauer Couplings 4”
Noise level
Typical noise level at 1 m = 90 - 94 dBA, Typical noise level at 7 m = 73 - 77 dBA
Engine(Type / Power / Speed)
Hatz 2L41C silenced diesel engine 18.7 kW at 1800 rpm
Max head: 31 m / Max flow: 45 l/s / Max solid: 44 mm
Prime System
Flood lubricated rotary vacuum pump of nominal displacement 25cfm
Fuel Tank Capacity
69 or 122 litres. Max 24 hour with cleaning and flushing facilities
Shaft Seal
Sykes patented vacuum pressure seal, Single ring of packing, Spring loaded, No adjustments necessary, Easy repacking, Chrome oxide coating on wear ring, Optional mechanical seal
Fuel Consumption
Typical fuel consumption on full load @ 1800 rpm: 4.5 litres/hour
Health and Safety
Gloves, Boots/safety footwear, Protective clothing, Noise power level Lwa: 102 dB
4 wheel site trailer / skid mounted

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