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  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • All units available on wheels
  • Flow rates up to 91 l/s
  • Heads up to 40m
  • Solids handling up to 52mm
  • Free site surveys
  • Sound levels down to 68 dBA at 7m
  • 24/7 availability
  • Robust construction
  • Integral fuel tanks for 24/7 running

If the job at hand has the potential to fall foul of noise restrictions, or might simply disturb people due to location, then the Sykes range of Silenced Pumps is an ideal solution. Available with the fully silenced Hatz engine or as a canopied Wispaset, either version will deliver the same high quality product as the General Purpose range but at a much lower noise level.

Boasting noise measurement as low as 68 dBA (at 7m) these tried and trusted units prove again and again that there is no comparison to a Sykes unit for quality and reliability. These units retain all the advantages of our unique positive self priming system and the outstanding performance that Sykes Pumps are renowned for. Our silenced range is widely used in many different industry sectors including construction, utilities, civil engineering and quarries for short and long term applications. The units are capable of dealing with a wide variety of pumping problems including overpumping, site dewatering and emergency sewer repairs whether the requirement is to move water, sludge or slurry.

All units come on wheels to allow you to easily move them on site and with performances offering flow rates up to 91 l/s, a maximum head of 40m and solids handling up to 52mm the Sykes Silenced range can deal with whatever problem it encounters.

If you are unsure as to exactly which of our pumps you need to solve your problem then all you have to do is make contact with us and we can do the rest. Most solutions can be advised by telephone but, if the application is more complicated then one of our team will be happy to visit your site – at no cost to you.

Simply call 0800 211 611 and we’ll do the rest.