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  • Control panels up to 75kW
  • Hoses for all applications
  • Fittings for flexibility of pipe runs
  • Specialist accessories include road ramps and aerators
  • Fuel tanks for extended operating periods
  • Environmental protection items includes drip trays
  • Settlement tanks to comply with water discharge regulations
  • Bauer fittings for speed of assembly and release
  • High pressure hoses and fittings available
  • All relevant standards exceeded

When pumps are needed to move water, wastewater or sludge the selection of the correct hoses and accessories is essential to ensure that the task is carried out safely and efficiently. The Sykes Pumps range ensures that, whatever the application, you can hire everything you need.

As a pump hire solutions provider, Sykes Pumps have been synonymous with innovation, design, quality and service, not just for our pumps but also for the associated items required. The diversity of duties that our pumps are required to perform means that our selection of accessories must be equally as versatile.

The Sykes Pumps range of hoses and accessories has been selected to complement the full range of pumps available, which means that you are able to source everything you need from one supplier reducing purchasing time, paperwork and costs.

All of our hoses and accessories exceed the relevant standards and are manufactured from the highest quality materials ensuring problem free installation and performance. Our hoses and accessories are treated to the same level of inspection and, where appropriate, maintenance as our pumps. This ensures that you receive equipment which is always up to the task at hand.

Our range includes:


Sykes Pump Hire offers a comprehensive range of hoses to accompany our pumps including Flexible Wire Armoured suction hose, Heliflex, Polypipe LDPE delivery hose, Galvanised Steel Pipe, Layflat delivery hose and High Pressure Layflat hose. All are available with quick release Bauer couplings and for the more specialist applications we have High Pressure Wire Armoured NP16 Flanged Hoses. Sizes range from 50mm to 300mm as standard with other sizes available on request.


In addition to our quick release couplings we offer a full range of fittings to allow an almost infinite number of possibilities when considering the layout of pipework on site. ’Y’ pieces and ’T’ pieces can be used with bends of varying degrees to provide a configuration appropriate to site conditions and the use of strainers will protect the system while in use. Valves can be included in the scheme to provide greater control and the use of reducers and enlargers allow the pressure of the system to be managed appropriately.

Control Panels

For use with electric submersibles, our range of control panels and level control equipment provides the ultimate flexibility for the management of pump applications. The panels enable the user to leave pumps unattended for long periods while improving safety and efficiency as well as reducing wear on the pumps and reducing costs for electricity or fuel.

Our range of panels includes:

PLC Panels

Available in single phase or three phase, these robust, free standing units are a direct online panel for use with pumps up to 11kW. RCCD is fitted as standard and a level control allows them to be used with float switches or an ultrasonic level controller. These units are “plug and play” for ease of use.

Variable Load DOL Panels 1kW - 15kW

These units control and protect pumps from 1kW to 15kW with a multitude of features including up to 16 overload settings, emergency stop button, and a load break isolator. The unit is fitted with a lifting hook for ease of placement and a lockable door for added security. Panels can be inter-linked to provide intricate control options such as duty standby or duty assist as well as an option to link to telemetry monitoring equipment. These units are also “plug and play” for ease of use.

Variable Load Soft Start Panel 18kW - 56kW

A soft start unit with integral transformer suitable for use with pumps from 18kW to 56kW. These units contain state of the art electronic soft start units which limit the starting current peak to more manageable levels compared to direct on line starting, which can greatly reduce the size of power supply or generator required. Suitable for use with most methods of level control the standard of equipment is exactly what you would expect from a Sykes Pumps product. As with all of our panels there is provision for the use of telemetry if required and an LCD display provides an instant readout of performance and an incident history log.

Variable Speed Drive Panels

For use with pumps from 15kW up to 75kW, these units are perfect for the larger pumps in our range. For added security they come with a padlockable door and an emergency stop feature. Their robust design makes them suitable for internal and external use and the built in fan and filter ensures that components are kept cool and clean. As well as keeping starting currents to an absolute minimum (saving on power supply or generator sizes), coupled with an ultrasonic unit or external 4-20mA signal, the pump speed and power requirement can be tailored to match the exact requirements of the site from matching incoming flows, constant flow delivery or varying flow delivery demands.

Settlement Tanks

Sykes offer a range of settlement tanks to be used on the discharge side of any pump set. These tanks are specially designed to prevent silt and fines being discharged into the water course or drains. Each tank is provided with a series of weir plates, Bauer quick release couplings, lifting eyes and drain plugs.

Drip Trays

Drip trays can be provided with most pumps to avoid environmental pollution due to fuel spillage, or oil spillage when refuelling or maintaining the pump set. Even if the pump has a built in drip tray an additional full length tray gives extra protection. Especially beneficial when working close to waterways or where there is a risk of water pollution.

Fuel Tanks

The safe transportation and storage of fuel, especially in environmentally sensitive areas, is an increasing concern for all. Sykes offers a purpose built range of fully bunded fuel tanks for hire with a capacity range from 1000 to 3000 litres. Fully compliant and tested to ADR and UN requirements for IBC, all manufactured under ISO 9001: 2000 requirements.

Road Ramps

Road ramps provide the safe positioning of pipe work across roads and pathways, where vehicular access is required and disruption to the area needs to be kept to a minimum. Widely used on construction sites and sewage or water treatment works.

Venturi Jet Aerators

A simple solution, available for hire from Sykes Pumps, are venturi jet aerators fitted to the discharge side of our diesel driven surface mounted pumps or our electric submersible pumps. These units do exactly what their name suggests and increase the oxygen levels in water or they can aid mixing in the water industry. These units have been used on many occasions to save endangered fish stocks during periods of hot weather or where pollution has caused a problem.

You also have access to an unbeatable range of suction and delivery hoses including high performance hoses, pipes, tubing, wire armoured, rubber coated, poly tubing, fire galvanised hose, lay flat, PVC, and heliflex. Coupled with a range of fittings to complement the varying hoses, such as Bauer quick release couplings, flanged and NP16 including various intakes and strainers.

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