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The DRC 150/150's highly efficient design ensures sustained performance at the lowest possible cost. The simplicity of construction with horizontal split casing, provides for total ease of maintenance, enabling the pump internals to be inspected without removing the drive or pipe work

Pump performance

DRC 150/150 . Max Head: 190 m. Max Flow:118.0 l/s. The DRC 150/150 dimensions are H2,260 X W2,385 X L5,330mm and it weighs 5,135kg excluding fuel

  • Hard wearing cast Iron parts
  • Hours of unattended operation
  • Bronze internals
  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Replaceable casing wear rings
  • Available as skid mounted
  • Electric start
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Conventional packed stuffing box seals
  • Renewable shaft sleeves.
  • Environmental
  • Emergency Pumping Services
  • Refineries
  • Water and Waste Treatment
  • Local Authorities
  • Film Production and Events
  • Manufacture and Industry
  • Power Stations
  • Tunnelling
  • Agriculture
7250kg with fuel (Where an integral tank is fitted) 5135kg without fuel ( or where no tank is fitted)
Pump Materials
Main pump: Cast Iron/ Impeller: Bronze
(Length x Width x Height)mm: 5330 X 2385 X 2260
Pipe Connections
Suction: 150 NP25 Discharge: 150 NP25 Bauer couplings option on suction only.
Max Head: 190m Max Flow: 118 l/s Max Solids: Clean water only
Engine(Type / Power / Speed)
Volvo TWD1210P / 265 kW / 1800 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity
Tank size on application, separate bunded tanks available
Prime System
Hand Prime
Fuel Consumption
Full Load @ 1800 rpm: 71.4 litres/hour Energy efficient duty point @ 1500 rpm: 26 litres/hour
Shaft Seal
Easy repacking, Conventional Stuffing Box
Skid mounted
Health and Safety
Ear Defenders, Gloves, Boots, safety footwear, Protective clothing

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