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Sykes Pumps has more expertise in providing pump hire services than any other supplier. Our diverse range of pumps are used across many industries for ground dewatering, over-pumping and fluid movement applications. Our clients choose our 24/7/365 services for everything from a one-off pump hire to the design, installation and on-site management of complex schemes.

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The need to hire pumps can be driven by many factors but the key elements of the decision making process often involves balancing the convenience of hire against the capital cost of purchase and ownership. A good example of this is the water and wastewater sector which has many installed pumps and systems which require regular maintenance and which also, despite the maintenance regime, sometimes fail putting the process at risk.

In these circumstances intervention in the form of additional, or replacement, pumping is needed.

Obviously most businesses would prefer to keep contingency plans in-house and would probably see hire as an unnecessary cost but in most circumstances hire is actually cheaper than the cost of ownership.

Pumps are not a throwaway commodity and the initial purchase price reflects that. The level of expertise required to service and maintain pumps is not always readily available in organisations and, if it is, that expertise is normally gainfully employed in a full time role anyway! When the capital costs are added to wages, service vehicles, specialist tools as well as storage and distribution costs it quickly becomes more cost effective to hire pumps from a supplier who already has that expertise and is based in multiple convenient locations.

If a company does decide to hold a standby fleet there is also the risk that the closest pump available will be used in an emergency as opposed to the right pump for the job. This can increase fuel costs or put the process at risk.

Our pump hire fleet is one of the most extensive available with diesel driven pumps (general purpose or fully bunded super silenced units), submersible pumps (including a range of Atex approved pumps for sewage), jetting pumps, air driven pumps, hydraulically driven pumps which includes our renowned Sweepax pump system and hard iron pumps for use in the most arduous conditions.

General Purpose Pumps

We're proud that we have the most comprehensive range of general purpose pumps in the country, plus the coverage and breadth of expertise to meet the demands of all areas of UK industry. With units from 2” (50mm) to 8” (200mm) we are able to offer a solution to solve almost every problem. Used when noise is less of an issue the Sykes Pumps GP units are a product proven over many years of development and use. For sustained performance and maximum reliability, our pumps are hard to beat, handling everything from clean water to sludge and slurry. Precision manufactured, they feature hardwearing cast-iron parts and corrosion resistant materials throughout.

Silenced Range

Our silenced pumps ensure your operations won't fall foul of noise control restrictions. They are available from 3” (75mm) to 6” (150mm) in two different versions – the Hatz units which feature silenced engines or the canopied units where the pump end and priming gear are also enclosed. These pumps are able to handle everything from clean water to sludge and slurry, delivering the power and reliability you need while operating at lower levels than demanded by European and Global noise legislation. Reduced noise levels are down to 75 dBA at 7m so you can operate day or night, for both short and long-term applications where noise levels are a concern. These environmentally friendly units are also easy to maintain, providing hours of unattended operation. Typical applications for silenced pumps include building and construction sites, overpumping, local government works, site de-watering, sewer repairs, utilities, quarries, civil engineering and any pumping schemes close to residential or commercial areas.

Super Silenced Pumps

Our super silenced units are the benchmark against which other pumps are measured, not least due to noise levels set at a maximum of 62 decibels at seven metres plus exceptional telemetry facilities for remote pump operations and monitoring. We have developed these powerful, portable, super silenced pumps specifically for use in pump hire markets, with a clear focus on sound attenuation, durability and ease of access for maintenance and fuel economy. Typical applications for super silenced pumps are similar to our General Purpose and Silenced ranges including building and construction sites, overpumping, local government works, site de-watering, emergency sewer repairs, utilities, quarries, civil engineering or for any pumping schemes close to residential or commercial areas.

High Performance

Our technical experts can design and build whatever you need to get the job done. Sykes Pumps MH, UVO and DRC medium and high head custom built units are available for specific heavy duty and high lift applications. All are built to the highest specification, using hard wearing and corrosion resistant parts and are robustly designed to give reliable, sustained performance at the lowest possible cost. The range includes both open and super silenced units and offers flows from 90 to 260 L/sec and heads from 70 to 180 Metres. These high performance pumps are ideal for civil engineering projects, mines and quarries, process industries, municipal engineering, irrigation and many more challenging applications.

Bentonite Pumps

The Sykes Bentonite Pump range has been specifically developed for the continuous pumping of bentonite and heavy sludge. These pumps incorporate proven Sykes technology with the added addition of 6 flushing points to enable easy cleaning, flushing and draining. The pumps are available with either a diesel engine or a 30kw electric motor and can offer flows up to 90 l/s with a maximum head of 38 m. This range of specialist units are suitable for arduous applications, utilising tried and tested components selected to ensure maximum reliability and cost effective servicing

Submersible Drainage Pumps

From building site drainage, tunnelling, dirty and nuisance water, quarrying, general dewatering, mining and agriculture, our range of Sykes submersible drainer pumps are ideal for dewatering at all kinds of construction sites. Their easy handling and excellent capacity also make them ideal for shipyards, waste management facilities and many other industries and applications. Sykes Submersible Drainers range from 50mm to 250mm. The amount of material that a submersible pump can shift depends on the size of the pump, the constitution of the material and the specific application. Fully portable and providing hours of unattended pump hire operation, simply choose the size and model for your application or location.

Submersible Wastewater Pumps

For wastewater handling Sykes offer a wide range of electric submersible sewage pumps for hire, incorporating the latest technology products with state of the art premium efficiency IE3 ATEX/Ex approved motors. Whether replacing a sewage pump undergoing repair, or by-passing an entire pumping station, Sykes can design, supply and install a temporary pumping system to meet individual needs. Sykes submersible pumps range from 50mm to 300mm in size and are typically rated between 1 Kw – 150 Kw.

Submersible Sludge Pumps

The Sykes range of electric sludge submersible pumps, are ideal for pumping sludge, water with large sludge content and heavily contaminated liquids. Sykes sludge pumps capacity ranges from 30L/S and are capable of delivering heads of 32meters. These light, portable, hard wearing pumps are compact in design, reliable and simple to install and maintain. Like all Sykes pumps, you can be assured of long trouble free performance.

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

When suction lift requirements exceed nine metres for diesel driven pump sets, the ideal pump hire solution is using a hydraulically driven submersible pump. These centrifugal, solids handling, pump units are driven by an integral hydraulic motor. Revolutionary Sweepax pumps are only available from Sykes. Designed for applications that involve concentrated solids such as sewage, wastewater, chemicals and dredging, no suction or lift restrictions mean Sweepax can handle more than 50% dry solids.

Sykes also offer a range of compact, standard hydraulic pump-sets, ideal for the Construction, Water Company, Industrial, Utility and Marine sectors. These pump-sets can be used with either Drainer or Wastewater pump-ends, depending on the application.

Air Driven Pumps

With air pump sizes ranging from 25mm to 75mm, our range of air-operated double diaphragm pumps are available with a combination of aluminium, cast iron or stainless steel wetted parts and centre sections, with a choice of elastomer option materials. Options are also available for the specific transfer of aggressive liquids or the hygienic handling of food substances. Sykes air pumps are safe in hazardous areas, give leak free pumping, are self-priming to over 6 meters, and no damage will be caused by either dry running or if the discharge is shut off.

Repairs and Services

As you would expect we offer an unrivalled service to repair our customers pumps from our locations across the UK, these are also backed up by 2 regional repair centres, staffed by a dedicated team led by our Regional Workshop Managers. These managers have many years’ experience in running our service and repair facilities giving them and their teams the ability to offer some of the best technical advice for service and maintenance in the industry. We are able to offer cost-effective, timely estimates and turnarounds, whilst maintaining the quality you have come to demand from the one of the UK’s leading Pump Suppliers for Hire, Sales and Service.

  • For major repairs we’ll provide an instant quotation – keeping you in control
  • We only ever fit original-quality parts, not cheap imitations
  • We have service locations across the UK as well as over 40 mobile trained and experienced engineers, all with fully equipped service vehicles
  • We offer upgrades and refurbishments of pump units along with its engine or motor
  • Service and maintenance packages are available to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Hoses and Accessories

To accompany our pumps we can offer the most comprehensive range of hoses and accessories, a one-stop shop for all your pump hire requirements - however simple or complex.

Our range of accessories includes bauer fittings and high pressure fittings, control panels, settlement tanks, drip trays and fuel tanks ensuring you need only make one call for everything you need.

Pump Spares

We supply only genuine Sykes manufactured components for all spare parts requirements on Sykes Pump units along with genuine parts from third party manufacturers whether that is for engines, electric motors or specific units supplied by Sykes Pumps.

We offer genuine parts on the following:

All Sykes pumps, Pumpex pumps, ABS pumps, Orion/Metso slurry pumps, Blagdon air pumps, Lister Petter diesel engines and other common diesel engines.

Sykes Pumps guarantees you quality equipment and service, fully trained and experienced engineers on call 24/7, 365 days a year. With fast nationwide delivery, within four hours of your call, we also offer free, no obligation, site surveys, and quotations as well as providing advice on any pump requirement.

Sykes have been at the forefront of the pump industry for over 150 years, with the expertise and commitment required to ensure that if you have a problem, we can provide the solution.

Our fleet is one of the most extensive available and with depots nationwide, all with the ability to deliver, maintain and install our equipment you are never far away from the solution you need.

We have pump specialists across the UK ready to advise on pumping solutions based on years of training and development, with technical pump knowledge envied throughout the pump industry. They can offer tailored solutions to meet virtually every need - from the initial design stage through to the delivery of the equipment, installation and commissioning right up to hand over of a complete pumping system ready for use.

  • Genuine 24/7/365 service
  • Speak to a dedicated contact centre out of hours
  • Recognised as the industry leaders in specifying pump hire schemes
  • A national service delivered locally
  • Free site surveys
  • Specialist pump sales teams across the UK
  • Fast delivery, within four hours if necessary

Our business is led by seasoned industry professionals who have hands-on experience in all aspects of the pumping business. We have experts in water utilities, chemicals specialists, and engineers adept in marine applications. We don’t just supply pumps - we work closely with our clients to deliver the best solution.

At Sykes, members of staff are fully trained in all aspects of the pump business. Our dedicated team of support personnel, engineers and sales staff alike, work together with the common goal of delivering a second-to-none support service.

Before we install any long-term pumping system, we engage in an involved process of strategic planning. We dedicate a strategic advisor to each of these projects, who will analyse the immediate demands of the application and, importantly, take careful consideration of how those needs might evolve. It means that a pumping system designed now will be powerful enough to cope with any future increased demand.

From senior engineer to delivery driver, all Sykes Pumps staff act in accordance with the Andrews Sykes Group’s environmental policy. From turning engines off when stationary to recommending silenced pumping systems for public areas, we are sensitive to our surroundings, and at all times we endeavour to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our business has thrived for 150 years thanks to our staff, whose comprehensive training programs and sense of dedication sets them apart from other pumping professionals. The sense of trust and integrity we instill in our clients has also contributed to our success, and in the 21st century we go from strength to strength through the provision of first-class products and services that are without equal in the industry.

Water and Waste Treatment – from simple over pumping applications to major treatment by-pass

Building and Construction – Groundwater control, site dewatering and Bentonite pumping

Environmental – From fisheries & Nature reserves through to major ground contamination projects

Float outs – Ballast pumping to help float out major gas and oil modules

Refineries and Power Stations – Providing specialist units to volatile and hazardous environments

Docks, Ports and Harbours – Submersible and diesel driven pumps for dry docks and repair yards

Emergency – Providing pumps for emergency applications 24/7 365 days per year

Manufacturing and Industry – Submersible and Surface mounted pumps for a wide range of uses

Tunneling – Specialist units for vital underground applications

Mines and Quarries – high head and hard wearing pumps for applications in the aggregate industry

  • 30 Locations

    30 Locations

    Over 30 locations and hire centres UK-wide, and over 500 dedicated employees worldwide.

  • Major Account Management

    Major Account Management

    We provide a unique Major Account Management capability across our full range of products and services.

  • Instant Delivery

    Instant Delivery

    Fast Nationwide delivery - within four hours of your call.

  • 24 Hour Service

    24 Hour Service

    Andrews Sykes hire guarantee you quality equipment and service, fully trained and experienced engineers on call 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Free Site Survey

    Free Site Survey

    We offer free, no obligation, site surveys and quotations.

  • Price Competitive

    Price Competitive

    We provide a price competitive, sales and support service for our extensive range.