Despite the recent extreme temperatures we still have plenty of units available for sale or hire, with same day delivery for hire units, and 48 hours for sales. Our minimum hire period is currently three weeks. Unfortunately we do not hire for domestic or private use, but individuals can purchase our units by clicking here.
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  • The largest range of oil heaters in the UK
  • Fast efficient heating
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick and friendly service
  • 24/7 365 service back up
  • Depots nationwide
  • 28kw to 90kw in capacity
  • 230volt and 110volt options available
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Extremely portable

Andrews direct fired oil heaters- These compact, robust, fully portable heaters are best for places that need large volumes of warm air, such as factories, warehouses, farm buildings, construction sites, concrete batching plants and industrial facilities. Our direct fired oil heaters can be used with either, 110 volt or 240 volt electrical supplies, as with all direct fired heaters, they need permanent ventilation to the outside environment. Please call 0800 211 611 for help in choosing the right heater for your needs.

The range features a number of units starting from the lightweight model 30, which has a capacity of 30kw and extends to the heavy duty model 300, which has a capacity of 90 kw. Each unit has a built in fuel tank and can be fuelled by either diesel oil or kerosene. Mounted on two wheeled trolleys they are easy to move from place to place. Some models can be automatically operated by using a thermostatic controller. These units provide high volumes of warm air but cannot be used with ducting.

A free site survey by an Andrews heating specialist will help you work out exactly what model and set-up is right for your location and application.

For health and safety reasons, it is essential that you choose and operate the right type of heater for your location and application. All direct fired heaters require permanent ventilation to the outside atmosphere and it’s recommended to allow a minimum of 6.5cm2 for every 293W of heat input.

We will be pleased to advise you on the safest and most appropriate heater(s) to use. Call us on 0800 211 611 for free help and advice, or more details.