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Whether you want to heat up a single room or a warehouse throughout the winter months or need to provide frost protection for a construction site, Andrews Heat for Hire will deliver fast to any location in the UK, 24/7 365 days a year. With our experts ready to take your call we can provide instant heating, from one of our local depots located throughout the UK. Our depots are fully stocked with thousands of the latest portable heating products for immediate delivery to you along with all of the accessories and fuel you will need.

Andrews Heater Hire is waiting to assist you, simply call us now. Our expert advisors and engineers are available to visit you anywhere in the UK. We can provide free site surveys that will ensure we deliver the right heaters which are ideal and safe for your environment. Our engineers, with their many years of experience and expertise, will survey the area that requires heating and advise the best solution.

By calling us free today on 0800 211 611 you'll understand why we're not just a general hire company but the leading specialist heating hire company in the UK. Our heating units can provide instant heat for offices, retail, events, local authorities, hospitals, healthcare and many more.

Andrews offer a wide range of modern portable heaters for hire or sale. Our units are manufactured and serviced to the highest industry standards. We have thousands of units in our hire fleet available for instant delivery. Safety and fuel efficiency are paramount when selecting the best heater for your application.

Safety - If you are in doubt we will advise you on a safe solution for your application, when heating public places surface temperatures should be controlled. Oil filled radiators are often used for areas where children or the elderly can come in contact with the heater. For industrial applications where flammable materials are stored, indirect fires heaters are often the best solution.

Efficiency – When selecting your heating solution, fuel efficiency should be carefully considered. By designing the system correctly you can save hundreds of pounds in fuel costs. Choosing the right fuel for the application (gas, electric or oil), the positioning of the heater, recirculation and insulation all have a huge impact on fuel usage.

Our range of heaters can be split into three groups by the fuel they use and these are then split into two groups being direct and indirect heating.

Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters - Our range starts with small electric heaters designed for shops, offices, schools, and hospitals. The units include the DE and CT range of fans heaters, Oil filled radiators, convection heaters and quartz heaters. The units can operate from a domestic single phase 240 volt supply (110v also available) and provide up to 3kw of heating. For larger applications such as warehouses or construction sites, the use of multiple small units can be the best solution, however we offer the DE fan heaters in sizes up to 40kw these units require a 415v 3phase electrical supply. Electrical heaters are direct and would usually be positioned within the area requiring heating. No exhaust gases, smells or vapours: just safe, fume-free warmth.

Oil Heaters

Indirect fired oil heaters– These units are often the best solution for places where there is limited ventilation, they will deliver high volumes of clean, dry, fume free heat safely and economically. Indirect fired heaters are ideal for marquees, warehouses, constructions sites, industrial plants, factories, temporary storage structures or anywhere where there are delicate or flammable materials, including confined spaces such as storage tanks. Our range starts with the ID35 which operates from a single phase electrical supply and provides 25kw of heating. The range includes units of 60kw, 65kw, 110kw, 185kw, 200kw and 385kw. These units are most often positioned outside of the structure to be heated with the hot air ducted in via flexible ducting, in many cases a return air recirculation duct can be used to increase fuel efficiency. In some cases the unit can be installed within the area to be heated, in this case the exhaust gases will need to be removed via a flexible flue duct.

View video of our ID65 here

Direct fired oil heaters – In some applications where there is plenty of natural ventilation direct oil fired heaters can be the best solution. All of the heat generated by the units remains in the area being heated, therefore the fuel efficiency is good, however the products of combustion and exhaust gases also remain in the area being heated, which could be dangerous. These units are not suitable for marquees or areas where the public can come into contact with the unit, applications include defrosting of concrete plants, heating of heavy industrial applications and heating of non-flammable materials or equipment. Units in this range start at 28kw and extend to 88kw.

Gas heaters

These heaters use bottled gas as fuel, this is Butane for the small domestic type cabinet heaters and Propane for the larger heaters. Andrews can provide gas bottle delivery and refills.

Catalytic cabinet heaters – are often used in areas where an electrical supply is not available. These simple and easily portable units have a wide range of uses, but must be used in a well-ventilated area. These units provide 3kw of heating and are placed within the area being heated.

Direct fired gas heaters – Similar to direct fired oil heaters these units can only be used where there is plenty of natural ventilation. The advantages, disadvantages, applications, restrictions and hazards that apply to direct fired oil heaters, also apply to direct fired gas heaters. In addition you will need to store bottled gas close to the heater which also has safety implications. Most applications are restricted to construction or industrial uses. The units are available in a number of sizes from 15kw (sale only) up to 100kw.

Indirect fired gas heaters – Similar to indirect fired oil heaters these units are often the best solution for places where there is limited ventilation, they will deliver high volumes of clean, dry, fume free heat safely and economically. The IG65 and ID60 units should be positioned outside of the structure being heated and the hot air ducted in via flexible ducting. The IDRG30 can be used inside areas such as warehouses or workshops. These units require a number of large 47kg gas bottles connecting to them to provide sufficient volumes of fuel.

A free site survey by an Andrews heating specialist will help you work out exactly what model and set-up is right for your location and application. For health and safety reasons, it is essential that you choose and operate the right type of heater for your location and application. We will be pleased to advise you on the safest and most appropriate heater(s) to use.

All direct fired heaters require permanent ventilation to the outside atmosphere and it's recommended to allow a minimum of 6.5cm2 for every 293W of heat input.

Call us on 0800 211611 for help and advice or more details.

The biggest range, the best service, the hottest prices: we'll help you provide a warmer, more comfortable and more productive environment. We also supply and manage all the fuel you need, either gas or oil, at very competitive rates, and make sure you never run out, so all you need to do is switch on and stay warm.

A simple call to 0800 211 611 will put you through to one of our specialist advisors who will help you select the best heater for your application. If required we will arrange for one of our engineers to visit the site and provide a free site survey. Alternatively you can fill in an enquiry form and we will reply within a short time period.

Once we have discussed and agreed the best solution with you, we will provide a detailed quotation showing the equipment that we are proposing. If you decide to proceed we will finalise the details with you and deliver the equipment to the locations with our fully trained delivery staff. The whole process can often be completed within the same day.

After the equipment has been installed and commissioned, we provide a 24/7/365 back up service that assists you should you have any difficulties, require more fuel or need any further assistance.

Once the hire period has finished and you have off hired the units, we will return to site, remove the heaters safely and return them to our depot. Andrews are the UK's leaders for heating hire. We provide;

  • A friendly local service from depots nationwide 24/7/365
  • The UK's most advanced Heating and drying products
  • Fuel delivery and fuel management service
  • Fast delivery - Within four hours of your call
  • Installation and servicing by expert engineers when required
  • Free advice or on site survey
  • Complete packages to meet your precise needs, timescales and budget

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For over 40 years Andrews Heat for Hire has been the UK's leading specialist provider of portable heating products. We take pride in providing you with the very best heating solutions and the very best units, at the right price, whenever you need it.

We'll always make sure that when you call 0800 211 611 your call will be answered by one of our experts who will go through your requirements quickly and efficiently and ensure that the best portable heating units will be delivered to you fast.

Our specialist knowledge and experience in heater hire not only lets us understand your needs, but allows Andrews Heat for Hire to provide you with the very latest in environmentally friendly heating units.

Building & Construction - From single heaters to high capacity site heaters.

Facilities Management – Ensuring that your facility is kept warm regardless of the weather

Warehouses & Stores - Protecting people, products and raw materials.

Local Authorities - Providing a huge range of heating solutions for offices, schools and libraries.

Healthcare - Providing safe and reliable heating to hospitals, private clinics and nursing homes.

Marquees and Events - Insuring outdoor events in marquees and tents don't suffer from the cold.

Workshops – Safe reliable heaters to protect materials and ensure productivity

Offices - When heating systems fail, our heat for hire services will help you warm up fast!

Shops & Retail Outlets - Delivering the right environment for sales and customer service.

Agricultural – Protecting valuable equipment, machinery, crops and livestock.

  • 30 Locations

    30 Locations

    Over 30 locations and hire centres UK-wide, and over 500 dedicated employees worldwide.

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    Major Account Management

    We provide a unique Major Account Management capability across our full range of products and services.

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    Instant Delivery

    Fast Nationwide delivery - within four hours of your call.

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    24 Hour Service

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    Free Site Survey

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    Price Competitive

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