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Andrews Chiller Hire has over 40 years’ experience in providing temporary cooling across a full range of sectors. At Andrews, we are proud that we have the coverage and breadth of expertise to meet the demands of all cooling requirements of the United Kingdom industry sectors. We have the most comprehensive range of equipment in the country and the resources to make sure they are distributed efficiently and deployed expertly.

We continue to invest in the latest technology and energy efficient cooling equipment to minimise running cost for our clients. All our chiller rental units are designed to our unique specification and can be supplied with a full range of ancillaries and accessories to guarantee minimal installation time. We offer a free site survey and no obligation quotation supplied from our experienced, trained sales technicians throughout the United Kingdom.

Where required, we can supply a comprehensive method statement and risk assessment to make sure all aspects of the delivery and installation are undertaken in a safe, agreed and timely manner. Safety is a priority at Andrews Sykes and as such all equipment is fully serviced and electrically tested prior to delivery and continual maintenance throughout the hire duration is undertaken by our experienced, trained mobile service technicians.

By calling us free today on 0800 211 611 you'll understand why we're not just a general hire company but the leading specialist Chiller rental company in the UK. Our Chillers can provide instant cooling for offices, events, local authorities, hospitals, healthcare, food and beverage, petrochemical plants and many more.

Chiller Hire - 750kw Fluid Chiller
Chiller Hire - 750kw Fluid Chiller

Andrews Chiller Hire offer an extensive range of air cooled chillers, air handling units, fan coils, temporary pipe work, fluid pumps, power generation and ancillaries throughout the United Kingdom. Running cost and the environment are paramount to us and our customers and continued investment in research and design continue to focus on this.

Andrews air cooled chilling units range from 1kW to 750kW in capacity. For larger capacities our units can be coupled together in series or parallel to provide multi megawatt packages. Andrews Chillers are designed and built to the latest technology, using the latest environmentally friendly gases and energy reducing compressors. Our range of air handlers and fan coil units are available with the following capacities, 10kW, 15kW, 30kW, 60kW, 150kW, 300kW and 600kW. Our air handling equipment can be coupled together in series or parallel to provide multi megawatt packages. Air distribution units are designed and built to the latest technology using the most up to date energy conserving motors, three way thermostatic valves and variable speed fans.

We also offer a wide range of plate Heat exchangers to hire from 1kW to 10MW. These units are available for long term or short term hire and are offered for immediate delivery to overcome emergency requirements. Andrews is the UK’s leading specialist provider of fluid transfer systems and process cooling products. We take pride in providing you with the very best cooling solutions to make sure that there is no disruption to your processes whilst minimising down time. Our range of heat exchangers can be used for a wide variety of applications, from food products to chemicals, we provide expert advice and will help you select the best solution for your requirements.

Andrews Chiller Division offers the largest range of ancillaries and accessories. We can supply variable speed pumps to match systems flow and pressure requirements, temporary pipework from 1” to 12” for low and medium pressure and 4” and 6” flanged hoses capable of handling pressures up to 20 bar. If on site power supply is an issue, we can also provide temporary generators, power cable and a fuel management service to ensure uninterrupted cooling throughout the hire period. All equipment is fully tested to meet the stringent safety standards of our service centres prior to delivery and is installed and commissioned by our highly trained, experience field service engineers.

Chiller Hire - 200kw Fluid Chiller
Chiller Hire - 200kw Fluid Chiller

Andrews Chiller Hire expert service and sales technicians are available to visit you anywhere in the United Kingdom and offer a free no obligation site survey. With 30 depots throughout the UK we offer a true nationwide coverage and guarantee a maximum 4 hour response time from your initial point of contact.

Before installing any cooling system Andrews Sykes Hire engage in an immediate strategic planning process where we analyse the demands of the application, energy efficiency and budget restrictions whilst taking careful consideration of how those needs might evolve. Any system we install can be adapted to cope with further changes in any circumstance or requirement.

We will provide a complete free site survey and quotation to ensure all your requirements are understood and enable us to deliver the correct cooling equipment for your specification and minimise costs to our customers. When requested we also supply method statements and risk assessments to ensure that we follow a safe working process and meet all prior agreements with our clients when it comes to delivering and positioning of temporary cooling equipment.

Andrews Sykes also provide a full and comprehensive Climate Contingency Service. This is a unique service guaranteeing temporary cooling equipment in the event of a failure of your existing cooling system.

With a climate contingency plan in place, you have total peace of mind knowing that we guarantee you reserved cooling equipment, delivered and installed in an agreed response time. All our products and services are supported by our fully qualified trained technicians. We can offer a bespoke contingency plans for any application in all market sectors giving you peace of mind knowing that your business remains fully operational.

Andrews Specialist Hire Division provides customers with specialist knowledge and experience while offering bespoke packages to suit all requirements. Whether you need to cool a small room, multiple offices throughout the summer months or need to keep critical environments such as server rooms or process applications at the right temperature, will guarantee to respond to you call 24/7/365 days a year. Our out of hours call centre ensures that your enquiry is dealt with immediately so we can provide an agreed affordable solution for your planned or emergency cooling needs.

Andrews Chiller Hire experienced, qualified multi-skilled engineers and surveyors have extensive knowledge in a variety of industry sectors which enables a quick and proficient service to our customers. Fully trained and qualified in all aspects of the cooling business our dedicated team work together with the common goal of delivering a market leading service across all business in all industry sectors.

HVAC Contractors
From a comprehensive cooling package to contingency planning and business continuity services our equipment and service is designed to meet all your HVAC critical cooling requirements.

Facilities Management
We help Facility Managers with planned and emergency cooling solutions. Our cost effective equipment and 24/7 service is tailored to meet all your cooling requirements.

Manufacturing and Industry
We ensure that manufacturing businesses stay on track providing cooling for processes, product and storage. Our extensive knowledge in the manufacturing industry guarantees the resources to deliver the right solution.

Food & Beverages
Our unique low temperature chillers are designed for applications which require large volume cooling for cold or chilled storage and process fluid cooling applications for the Food and Beverage market sectors.

Hotels & Leisure
As hygiene is of the utmost important in the Hotel and Leisure market, all of our chiller units are fully serviced, cleaned and safety checked before installation and maintained throughout the hire period.

Events & Entertainment
Our low noise cooling heat pump hire packages create the right environment for guests and staff. Our exclusive manned on-site service guarantees required conditions and temperatures for the duration of the event.

Petrochemicals and Refineries
We have the expertise and experience needed for all cooling process chilling applications. From slip streaming to Kerosene grade cooling we have the right equipment for all your needs.

From clean rooms to batch production, we supply a complete range of standard and low temperature cooling equipment including heat exchangers to improve production and minimise downtime.

Building and Construction
Cooling can be critical in the Building and Construction industry for concrete batching and other applications. Our energy efficient environmentally friendly chillers deliver chilled water at desired temperatures and flows.

Ice Rinks
We provide a full range of energy efficient, low noise chillers for use with permanent and temporary ice rinks. Our extensive knowledge of the Ice rink industry guarantees a cost effective solution.

Body Storage With a large range of body storage and low temperature chillers, we have direct experience in this most sensitive of areas. We will act with professionalism in helping you create a facility that is fit for purpose.

  • 30 Locations

    30 Locations

    Over 30 locations and hire centres UK-wide, and over 500 dedicated employees worldwide.

  • Major Account Management

    Major Account Management

    We provide a unique Major Account Management capability across our full range of products and services.

  • Instant Delivery

    Instant Delivery

    Fast Nationwide delivery - within four hours of your call.

  • 24 Hour Service

    24 Hour Service

    Andrews Sykes hire guarantee you quality equipment and service, fully trained and experienced engineers on call 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Free Site Survey

    Free Site Survey

    We offer free, no obligation, site surveys and quotations.

  • Price Competitive

    Price Competitive

    We provide a price competitive, sales and support service for our extensive range.