Andrews Heat for Hire drafted in to heat a film set for well-known production company

As a company, we pride ourselves on having the ability to accommodate the demands of our customers – no matter what they might be. So, when a well-known production company required temporary heating at short notice, our experts were drafted in to provide a suitable heater hire solution.

Our customer needed to heat a large warehouse – previously an old bottling plant – which they had been using as a film set for a new movie. As a result, the client required short-term heating to maintain a desirable temperate on set.

It was decided that the most appropriate solution would be to deploy and install one of our FH111 indirect fired oil heaters alongside an FH2000S oil heater, with both positioned outside the application itself. Warm air was then ducted inside, quickly filling the target area and increasing the temperature as required.

Much to the client’s delight, our heating rental arrangement was effective in keeping the entire premises warm without causing any disruption to filming, with the customer retaining both units until this phase of shooting was complete.

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Andrews Heat for Hire on standby as snow sparks chaos in Scotland

Forecasters have issued a fresh warning of persistent heavy snow for southern Scotland, resulting in the Met Office circulating an amber alert asking locals to “be prepared.” Similar notifications are likely to remain in place across most of the country until at least Friday, with more extreme weather expected.

As a result of this anticipated snowstorm, hundreds of drivers spent the night stranded in their vehicles on the M74 in Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway, with the motorway completely shut until the storm passed. Public transport networks and schools have also been severely disrupted, with more than 200 Scottish schools and nurseries shut or partially closed – affecting more than 20,000 pupils.

Temperatures fell below -4°C across Glasgow and parts of the Highlands, with between six and 10 inches of snowfall recorded in Aberdeen, Beattock and other regions.

Despite weather-related carnage causing disruption across Scotland and beyond, Andrews Heat for Hire are here to keep clients operational no matter what the elements throw at you. We continue to offer a wide range of tailored heating rental solutions for any application, and these can be delivered to your site within hours of contact.

For more information on how we can help you tackle these challenging weather conditions – be it in Scotland or any other part of the UK – call us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, you can click here to complete an enquiry form and a member of our trained sales team will get back to you shortly.

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Andrews Sykes unveil new product guide

Andrews Sykes are pleased to announce that our new HVAC pocket book has been printed and is now ready for distribution. The latest edition contains up-to-date information on all Andrews Sykes HVAC products as well as an increased range of specifications and information.

The user-friendly manuals have been modified for a more sleek and contemporary appearance, helping users navigate through the booklet with ease. It features all recently-launched products and accessories, including the HPAC 45 air conditioner and the IG 65 indirect gas fired heater.

As with previous editions, our product guide features diagrams and graphics to complement concise textual explanations, making it suitable for customers and employees alike across the country.

To receive a free copy of the new Andrews Sykes product guide, simply click here to fill out an enquiry form and we will post one to you straight away. Or, if you prefer, you can download a digital version by clicking here. For more information on our services, or general enquiries, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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Andrews provide short-term boiler rental for local town hall

At Andrews Boilers, we take pride in providing our customers with vital heating amenities in the event of a system failure. So, when an existing boiler system was struggling to maintain a desirable temperature inside a local town hall, our specialists were contacted and asked to provide equipment to improve conditions.

A short-term boiler rental was urgently required in the absence of a fixed system to ensure all staff were kept comfortable and productive during the busy Christmas period.

After a site visit had been carried out, our recommendation was to supply the client with a 100kW gas boiler supplied with a natural gas burner and various lengths of hosing which was placed through the back window of the building’s plant room.

Thanks to our fast response, normal service was restored quickly and efficiently without any disruption being caused. Those working and visiting the town hall were unaware of the original breakdown and as such were able to go about their normal routines without a problem.

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Scottish client hires Andrews heaters after seeing them on a rival site!

At Andrews Sykes, we pride ourselves on investing time and resources on our marketing to boost our profile and ensure potential customers are aware of exactly what it is we do.

Sometimes, however, business can be generated via the most straightforward situations – like a customer stumbling across our equipment working in situ on another site!

This was the position we found ourselves in last week after receiving a web enquiry from a new customer who, up until this stage, had never used our equipment or services.

An employee of said client – based in Fortrose and operating within the construction industry – saw one our Aurora FH 111 Indirect Fired heaters deployed on a building site, deciding there and then that they could do with similar units on their own premises.

It was at this stage that our contact centre received an enquiry stipulating the need for a number of Aurora FH 111 units in a warehouse application, paving the way for a 12-week hire.

The units are now operational on our client’s site in Inverness, and are being used to keep staff warm during the notoriously busy festive period!

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Sykes Pumps Hire drafted in to assist with cleaning aggregate material

A leading manufacturer and supplier of building materials – including aggregate – recently contacted Sykes Pumps seeking a pump hire solution to help wash the building materials before they are sold on.

The client’s existing washing plant system had proved inadequate after its submersible pump suffered a breakdown, leaving it incapable of cleaning the aggregate and costing the company thousands of pounds. This situation prompted the need for our intervention.

Soon after receiving the call, one of our engineers visited the site to conduct a free survey before recommending the best pumping equipment for their application. As a result of this preliminary process, a high performance UVO 150/100 pump was delivered to site along with a 3000ltr bunded fuel tank.

The replacement pumping unit was connected to the customer’s system via hosing provided by us – ensuring the cleaning system remained functional and effective in washing the aggregate and thus keeping the product in a saleable condition.

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Andrews provide temporary ventilation equipment for luxury yacht refurbishment

A yacht refit can be a great way of giving an ageing boat a new lease of life and increase its value. So, when a client operating within this field began conducting a refit of a five-year-old super yacht, Andrews Ventilation Hire was called in to provide our expertise and specialist equipment.

As part of the major refurbishment the contractor was expected to remove everything from the yacht’s interior – leaving just the shell of the boat. In order to complete this process, various machinery was used that had the potential to leave dangerous fumes trapped in the interior.

One of our specialists surveyed the site and proposed a ventilation hire package consisting of eight FV300 fans, which were used to extract polluted air from the confined space and duct it outside the application.

Our customer was extremely pleased with the efficiency of the short-term ventilation system we recommended which allowed them to make more than 30 air changes every single hour.

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Andrews Sykes are here for you this Christmas

Unlike a number of companies operating in our industry, Andrews Sykes offer a genuine 24/7 service all year round – including during the Christmas period – with engineers providing a full emergency service throughout the festive season and into the New Year.

We understand the importance of your company remaining fully functional even during quieter times. That’s why at Andrews Sykes we continue to offer customers our usual range of services, because you never know when you might need us!

Whether you require a temporary heater hire package to replace an ineffective heating system or are in need of an urgent replacement boiler due to an unexpected breakdown, we have you covered!

Whatever the issue, our specialists are on standby 24 hours a day to provide you with a speedy service and the vital equipment you need to make it through the holidays. Call us today on 0800 211 611 for all your HVAC and pump hire needs.

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Bespoke heating hire keeps concert goers warm

With temperatures at record lows this winter, Andrews Heat for Hire have been drafted in to heat various events throughout the Christmas period to ensure guests are kept comfortable. So, when a London-based events company was in the process of organising a high-profile event, they contacted our specialists for some temporary heating equipment.

The company in question planned to host their event in an old, draughty printing factory which had been decommissioned over a decade ago, leaving the application with no heating.

A local Andrews specialist visited the site to conduct an emergency site survey and advised our customer on the best course of action available. It was decided that ten DE190 electric heaters would be perfect for increasing temperatures within the factory and instilling a comfortable environment for guests.

The heater hire package proved to be an extremely successful solution, providing effective heating for the event and leaving our client extremely impressed with the results and our service.

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Ingram swings by to open Andrews’ new Manchester depot

Our new Manchester depot was officially opened this week, with current European rally champion Chris Ingram cutting the ribbon at the building’s entrance to formally mark the occasion.

Following a whirlwind season on the track, the 23-year-old stopped by our modern premises in Gatley which are located just a few miles from where the star grew up.

Chris was greeted fondly by staff as he was shown around the facility and was quick to comment on how upbeat and driven Andrews Sykes employees come across!

“I’ve met people from Wolverhampton, Charlton and now Manchester, and everyone just seems to love their job,” he remarked. “It’s no wonder the company is doing well.”

Indeed, our Manchester branch has been opened following a sustained period of growth and will act as a base for both the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration strand of the business, in addition to our northern contact centre.

Chris continued: “I’ve really enjoyed having the support from Andrews over the past eighteen months or so and am only too pleased to come here today. It marks another chapter in the company’s progress and I look forward to continuing our association going forward.”

The relocation to Gatley has enabled us to bring several operations under the one roof and has already helped us streamline aspects of our service despite the limited timeframe.

This is a viewpoint supported by Lee Wilks – Divisional Director of Andrews Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – who has observed first-hand how smoothly the transition has gone since our arrival at Stonepail Court.

He said: “Opening another depot in such a fantastic location will only enhance our ability to grow further, and is indicative of the strides we’ve already made in recent years.

“It’s very fitting that Chris has come down today to help promote the event as his incredible success story is very much synonymous with the developments we’ve made as an organisation.”

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