London office seek emergency heating solution from Andrews Heat for Hire

When a London-based software development company encountered heating issues during the winter period, Andrews Heat for Hire was called in to provide a heater hire solution for their converted office space.

The call to our specialists came following complaints from staff, with seasonal temperatures dropping below freezing. Our client is leasing the office space and therefore reluctant to invest in permanent heating equipment. A temporary heater hire package was urgently required instead.

Following an extensive site survey, our specialists delivered and installed an IG65 gas heater and provided gas bottles to keep it running. The temporary unit was placed on the first-floor mezzanine area, with warm air ducted into the two target locations through a door opening.

By implementing the heater rental within hours of receiving the enquiry, we were able to provide effective climate control for the office – giving staff the benefit of a constant supply of warm air.

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Interested in winning two tickets to Race Retro? Read more!

Andrews Heat for Hire are delighted to once again be running our annual Race Retro competition, following the fantastic response we’ve had in previous years.

We’ll be teaming up with double European champion Chris Ingram to offer pairs of VIP tickets to randomly selected winners – and it couldn’t be more simple to get involved!

As well as full corporate hospitality, our lucky winners will be able to probe Chris about his rallying career as part of a special meet and greet.

And that’s not all! As part of this fantastic prize, the lucky winners will also enjoy the thrills and spills of a once-in-a-lifetime ride as a passenger in Chris’ rally car. This authentic experience will give a real insight into what rallying is like and has proved to be a real highlight in years gone by.

Further details on the competition will be released in due course, so keep an eye out to ensure you don’t miss your chance!

Race Retro will take place between the 23rd and 25th of February this year – and we’ll be offering tickets to the action on Saturday 24th.

To stay informed, you can follow us on Twitter by clicking here!

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Sykes Pumps provide over-pumping solution for local council

Sykes Pumps was recently approached by a major building and civil engineering company and asked to help assist with the repair of a local culvert.

Before work could take place, our engineers were required to provide an immediate pumping solution to over-pump the stream – cleaning out all the silt build up and then removing old metal sheeting to allow the contractor to replace it with a new one.

Our response was to propose the hire of an 8” submersible alongside a smaller 6” submersible to catch excess water. We also provided a 60kVA generator and a separate fuel tank to enable quiet operation within a densely-populated neighbourhood.

This solution worked perfectly and all works were completed in record time – underling our ability to meet client objectives whilst also complying with the local Environment Agency’s instructions. The client was extremely pleased with the temporary pumping equipment, keeping the units on hire until the repairs had been completed.

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Heater hire in the UK – everything you need to know

There are many reasons why you may need to hire a temporary heating arrangement. In almost any working environment, the absence of a functional heating system is at best extremely inconvenient and at worst, crippling.

Heater hire is often the best solution if the application is either short-term or temporary. This could be due to the failure of a building’s existing heating system, or the need for short-term supplementary heating during extreme weather conditions. Other short-term requirements exist within the event hire industry, where heaters are supplied for corporate, public and sporting events during the winter months.

Offices and schools, for example, often face problems due to their own central heating systems failing. In such cases, small portable electrical heaters can be hired to provide instant safe heating powered from the domestic electrical supply. In instances where there is insufficient power available, small Catalytic gas heaters can sometimes be used as an alternative. Similar applications also occur in retail, healthcare and care homes. In situations where the requirement is for a longer duration, temporary boilers are also available to hire and can be connected to existing central heating systems.

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In the construction industry, larger heaters are hired to accelerate drying times and to protect buildings from frost. Cold weather can easily delay projects by weeks and often damage delicate, expensive materials. To prevent this, indirect fired oil heaters or high powered electrical heaters can be hired to provide warm dry air throughout the site. These are often coupled with dehumidifiers to provide warm dry conditions, even when severe weather strikes.

In fact, there are very few surroundings where a heat source is completely unnecessary. Even typically outdoor applications, like farms and agricultural areas, need heating for crop drying and frost protection during the colder months.

What are the advantages of hiring temporary heaters rather than purchasing them?

No capital outlay – when hiring heaters, you only need to pay a weekly hire charge which is effectively “pay as you go” with solutions to fit most budgets.

Instant availability – portable heaters should normally be delivered within hours of placing the order, so heating can be provided quickly, and normal conditions restored within the same day.

No maintenance worries – The hire company is responsible for maintaining the heaters and even in the unlikely event of the heater failing, you should expect it to be replaced without further cost immediately. Specialist heating hire companies will also provide support 24/7 which is particularly important for the event and healthcare sectors.

Safety – The heater hire specialist should ensure that any heater provided is fully maintained and safety checked prior to delivery. All electrical units must be PAT tested with certification available on request.

Expert advice – Experienced specialist heater hire providers should offer expert advice to ensure that the units provided are best suited and safe for the application. Choosing the best unit for the job can also often provide significant fuel savings.

Upgrade – At times, the amount of heating required may vary during the hire period, but the client is able to both increase or decrease the number and size of units being hired should the requirement alter at any point.

Fuel management – When using oil or gas fuelled heaters, it is also vital to establish a regular fuel delivery process. Specialist heater hire companies will be able to assist by managing fuel deliveries to ensure uninterrupted running, whilst also providing safe environmentally-approved fuel storage tanks.

What type of heaters are available for hire?

With a broad spectrum of applications relying on the availability of temporary heating systems, it is unsurprising that there is such a variety when it comes to the type of unit.

Electric heaters, for example, provide customers with an instant source of warm air – aided by simple plug-and-play installation – with the units most suitable for offices, hospitals, schools, shops and similar applications. The range of electric models is so varied that it can be split into four different groups: fan-assisted, oil-filled, quartz and convector heaters. High capacity electric heaters are available in 110V, 230V and 415V versions, with heating capacities of up to 43kW per unit.

Indirect fired heaters provide clients with the perfect option for many applications, safely delivering huge volumes of warm, fume-free dry air. These units, which can run on either gas or fuel oil (diesel), offer users a significant amount of flexibility in terms of their deployment. They can either be positioned outside the target area – with the hot air ducted inside – or the unit can be stationed inside the desired application with the fumes and exhaust transferred outside via a flue. It is these characteristics that make indirect fired heaters ideal for marquees, exhibition halls, workshops and many other environments.

Direct fired heaters can be used in some situations; however, these tend to be industrial applications with high levels of natural ventilation. These heaters can also be run on either gas or diesel. With heating capacities of up to 82kW, the units within this range provide clients with a fast, efficient solution to cold indoor temperatures. Direct fired heaters should not be used where people are working, or hazardous flammable products are present.

High capacity site heaters are often used for projects where units are required to generate high volumes of warm air for extended periods of time. These robust, heavy duty units are capable of operating unattended and can generate nominal heating capacities of up to 383kW.

What should I consider before choosing a specialist heater hire provider?

Although selecting the correct product for your application is important, the choice of unit itself is only one faction of guaranteeing the best heating rental solution. Choosing a reliable supplier will ensure you attain the peace of mind necessary to proceed without having concerns about whether your requirement will be handled professionally.

Experience and specialisation. Many tool hire companies can offer heaters for hire but if you choose a specialist heater hire provider they will have the in-depth knowledge and experience required to offer the advice you need to ensure the safest and most economical heater hire package.

Delivery capability and coverage. Specialist heater hire companies should have a national coverage in order to provide a same day delivery service along with a 24/7 back-up. This will ensure that heaters are delivered quickly and kept working regardless of any problems that may occur.

Reputation. It is essential that the provider chosen has a good reputation in the industry, with a long track record of providing a safe reliable heater hire service. This will also mean that said provider should meet all relevant safety, quality and environmental standards

Range of units to choose from. A dedicated heater hire company should also be able to offer a wide range of modern units which are fuel efficient and reliable. Appearance and cleanliness are also important in many environments. Fuel efficiency can provide significant savings over a period of time.

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we have an excellent track record of proposing, delivering and installing temporary heating systems across a full spectrum of industries. This expertise has been garnered from over 50 years of experience and allows us to exceed customer expectations time and time again. No other company can claim to have the experience of Andrews Heat for Hire, with our heritage and reputation extremely well-known throughout the industry.

Our huge range of portable heaters mean that we can provide the very best solution time after time. Andrews’ units start from small 3kW oil filled radiators and extend up to large containerised units that can be coupled to provide multi-megawatt packages.  We pride ourselves on developing and introducing quality innovations and maintaining a modern hire fleet nationwide. Our experienced operators are easy to contact by phone or online and our service team provide an exceptional level of service to ensure each heater hire runs as smoothly as possible. With depots spanning the whole of the UK, you can expect us to deliver quickly – even out-of-hours – protecting your business and operations at all times.

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Andrews Heater hire provides bespoke heating solution for storage warehouse

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently drafted in to provide temporary heating for a big brand storage company, after temperatures in their warehouse dropped below 8°C in the winter months. This created an uncomfortable working environment for employees and so something needed to be done immediately.

The client in question was looking to heat a two-storey warehouse which was used to store high-quality big-name products prior to their distribution.  An Andrews technician visited site and was able to propose a suitable solution based on the application’s unique specifications.

It was decided that two FH4000 oil heaters would be perfect for increasing temperatures within the warehouse and instilling a comfortable environment for staff. The heating rental solution was placed outside the application, with the hot air ducted inside to increase the ambient temperature by ten degrees.

Much to our client’s delight, the heater hire worked perfectly and ensured everyone could remain on site and continue their day-to-day tasks without any issue.

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Bespoke heating hire helps UK’s largest supplier of potatoes preserve produce

In order to preserve potatoes while they’re in storage, it is vitally important that an effective climate control solution is put in place beforehand. So, when the UK’s largest supplier of potatoes contacted us in search of a heater hire package for their factory, our specialists were quickly on site to develop a solution.

During the winter months, our client was struggling to get temperatures in their factory above -2°C, leaving the agricultural yield at risk of becoming quickly spoilt and unsaleable as a result.

Having assessed the factory and calculated the heating requirements needed for the area, we installed two FH4000 oil heaters – each accompanied by a thermostat to maximise fuel efficiency. Our experts positioned the rented heaters in opposite corners of the building, using recirculation ducting to heat the “cold-spots” within the factory.

The temporary heating solution was deployed within hours of initial contact, making it possible for the application to be kept at an ambient temperature of 8°C and thus prevent any damage to the crops.

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Chaos as Scotland is hit with more snow

Snow, rain and freezing conditions continued to sweep across most of Scotland last night, prompting yellow weather warnings across parts of the country.

The Met Office issued a yellow “be aware” warning, with snow and ice covering much of Scotland as temperatures plummeted overnight. Lows of -13.5°C were also recorded.

Rising daytime temperatures have however begun to cause much of the remaining snow to melt, leading to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency issuing flood warnings across many parts of the country as they brace themselves for rapid snow melt and additional heavy rainfall.

At Sykes Pumps, we understand the disastrous impact flooding can have on your business continuity which is why we strive to provide you with a quick response to your callout by visiting your site within four hours of contact.

We offer our customers an unbeatable selection of general purpose pumps, tailored flood packages and dehumidification equipment to help them overcome the effects of water damage – providing clients with a reliable solution whatever the problem.

For more information on the services we provide and on how we can assist you, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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Andrews provide boiler hire solution for popular international hotel

Failure to provide effective climate control in a hotel environment – particularly during the winter months – can ruin the experience of guests and tarnish a hotel’s reputation. So, when a popular international hotel experienced an unexpected boiler failure, our specialists were required to provide an emergency boiler solution.

The hotel in question is among a chain of full-service hotels and resorts known for winning awards for customer satisfaction – underlining the importance of us recommending and delivering equipment to site quickly.

After visiting site, our experts recommended a 250kW packaged boiler which was then connected to the client’s existing heating circuit via a series of temporary hoses. This was commissioned for operation within 24 hours of the original phone call despite the scope for delays during the busy festive period.

The short-term boiler hire proved to be an extremely effective solution and ensured visitors were provided with heating and hot water throughout their stay, allowing the hotel to keep their world-class reputation intact.

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Holiday park seek heating solution from Andrews Heat for Hire

During the cold winter months, failure to maintain an effective heating supply can lead to public facilities closing temporarily until a suitable replacement can be sourced. So, when a highly popular holiday park was seeking a climate control equipment for their pool area, Andrews Heat for Hire was called in to provide our assistance.

After suffering a breakdown with their air handling units, the client in question requested a short-term heating arrangement to heat their £5million swimming and leisure complex while repairs were being carried out.

After a site survey was conducted by one of our local specialists, it was decided that an FH4000 oil heater would be positioned outside of the complex and used to provide instant heat to the pool area via lengths of ducting.

Once operational, our temporary heating solution ensured a stable temperature was constantly maintained – keeping the pool area open while ensuring visitors were kept warm and comfortable throughout their stay.

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Andrews Heat for Hire drafted in to heat a film set for well-known production company

As a company, we pride ourselves on having the ability to accommodate the demands of our customers – no matter what they might be. So, when a well-known production company required temporary heating at short notice, our experts were drafted in to provide a suitable heater hire solution.

Our customer needed to heat a large warehouse – previously an old bottling plant – which they had been using as a film set for a new movie. As a result, the client required short-term heating to maintain a desirable temperate on set.

It was decided that the most appropriate solution would be to deploy and install one of our FH111 indirect fired oil heaters alongside an FH2000S oil heater, with both positioned outside the application itself. Warm air was then ducted inside, quickly filling the target area and increasing the temperature as required.

Much to the client’s delight, our heating rental arrangement was effective in keeping the entire premises warm without causing any disruption to filming, with the customer retaining both units until this phase of shooting was complete.

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