Andrews Heat for Hire agree sponsorship deal with European champion Chris Ingram

After last year’s fantastic reintroduction to Motorsport – culminating in Andrews-backed driver Chris Ingram being crowned the first British European Rally Champion in 49 years by winning the ERC3 title – it is with great excitement that we announce an extension of our partnership for the 2017 season.

Our original association with Chris began last March, following a chance encounter with Rally legend and former Andrews Sykes backed driver Russell Brookes, who wisely predicted on the day that Chris would become European Champion! Russell and Andrews Heat for Hire were once coupled by one of the sport’s longest ever sponsorships between 1974 and 1991 – before the company’s links with motor racing ended.

This was until we were presented with a wonderful opportunity to support England’s number 1 ranked rally driver, Chris Ingram, at the Circuit of Ireland, where he sealed a second place finish on his debut with the Opel Rally Team.

A deal was then done to extend our relationship until the end of the season, which was both mutually beneficial and incredibly successful! The next four months saw Chris wrap up the European Championship in Latvia before landing yet another podium finish on his return to the Wales Rally GB with Team Vauxhall.

Meanwhile, the presence of Andrews Heat for Hire was noticeably welcomed back to motorsport by fans and spectators alike. Our famous logo was once synonymous with rallying, but not even a 25-year absence could prevent racing enthusiasts recalling years gone by after our initial partnership with Chris was announced!

The company is therefore delighted to put pen to paper on another agreement which will see Andrews Heat for Hire become the Mancunian’s Premium Partner for the next twelve months.

Chris’ team, car and exciting plans for the 2017 season are soon to be announced, but this deal will once again see the iconic Andrews Heat for Hire branding featured prominently on the front of a rally-winning car across the UK and Europe, giving it tremendous exposure to television audiences across the continent.

As part of tie-up with Chris, Andrews will be running a series of free-to-enter competitions for motorsport fanatics – starting with Race Retro which takes place at the end of February. Details of these competitions will be announced later next week, with a number of ‘money can’t buy’ prizes up for grabs!

To ensure you don’t miss out, follow our Twitter page (@AndrewsSykes) by clicking here. Alternatively, you can stay up to date with all the latest announcements and information by visiting our blog.

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UK continues to shiver in sub-zero temperatures with -8°C lows

A toxic cold fog caused disruption to millions of commuters nationwide on Monday morning, with experts forecasting that freezing conditions will blight Britain for at least another seven days.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled from London airports while many motorways and road links were brought to a standstill as a result of hazardous weather.

Temperatures dropped to between -5° and -7°C across various parts of the south and were surpassed only in Farnborough, Hampshire – where the mercury fell below -8°C!

The effects of the Baltic atmosphere will be exacerbated by the presence of a swirling mist, particularly during the earlier part of the week.

Mark Wilson, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “We are looking at quite a high risk of some really dense fog patches.

“It could well affect some of the London airports and motorways, there is a potential for very difficult travelling conditions.”

Unsurprisingly, people have been quick to complain about the weather and have taken to social media to voice their disgruntlement.

Twitter user @Jodedray commented: “Can’t get over how cold my office is, I’m actually going to be an ice sculpture by the end of the day.”

And she wasn’t alone in feeling the cold, with @AmberStPierre saying: “The office is so cold this morning we’ve been sat with our coats on.”

Fortunately for facilities managers and those responsible for providing appropriate climate control in office buildings, we at Andrews Heat for Hire have a solution for you!

Our range of electric heaters have been specifically designed with such applications in mind and can be delivered to your site within four hours of contact. If you’d like more information on the best heater hire package for your situation or some assistance in calculating the volume of heating required, speak to one of our experts today by calling 0800 211 611.

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Andrews Ventilation Hire unveil largest fan yet

With a long-established reputation for providing customers with high capacity extraction fans, it is with great excitement that we announce the introduction of our latest model – the FV1800. This addition further improves an already popular range and offers clients double the airflow of our tried-and-tested FV900 unit.

Designed and built in the UK, the FV1800 features a close coupled motor which minimises energy consumption. Each fan is built from trusted components which facilitate safe deployment in a broad spectrum of environments, including tunnels, power stations, and industrial applications.

Having liaised with clients prior to the manufacturing process, Andrews Ventilation Hire have once again ensured that important characteristics of our existing fans have been retained and replicated in our latest product. These include:

-          Large air flows of up to 38,000m³/h

-          Robust construction for use in challenging environments

-          High volume performance with duct lengths of up to 40 metres

-          Easy installation enabling swift set-up

-          Close coupled motors providing greater power efficiency

Richard Galvin, UK Operations Support Director, explains: “With the demand for energy-efficient ventilation fans becoming more and more widespread, we are delighted to introduce our largest model yet!

“The FV1800 represents the next development in our broadening fan hire fleet – carrying over trusted technology and popular features with the added benefit of huge air capacities.”

For further details on this particular product, or any other ventilation fan offered within our expansive collection, contact us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, you can view a comprehensive summary of the FV1800’s unique specifications by clicking here.

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MOD college facilities kept open thanks to heater hire solution

A college in Lyneham recently took precautions to ensure staff and students remained warm during term time. With temperatures plummeting to below freezing across many parts of the country, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted to provide an effective rented heating solution.

The enquiry was swiftly handled by our specialists, with a same-day site survey conducted by on one of our local experts.  A temporary heater hire package was then proposed, consisting of several electric and oil fired heaters in addition to four fuel tanks to facilitate extensive periods of operation.

Due to lack of power availability in the workshops, Andrews engineers also provided the client with a number of generators to enable all equipment to function simultaneously. The units were commissioned for use within hours of our arrival, allowing lectures to continue without any disruption whatsoever.

By arranging this short-term heater rental, our client was able to provide students with an effective climate control arrangement – thus instilling a comfortable learning environment.

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Andrews Boilers provide tailored heating hire solution for medicine society

By understanding the implications of heating failure and the implications it might have on a corporate event, Andrews Boilers are determined to move quickly and restore this vital provision to ensure the reputation of our customer is never tarnished.

So when one of the country’s senior medical education bodies suffered a complete breakdown in the build-up to their biggest event, Andrews Boilers were called in at short notice and asked to provide a suitable boiler hire solution.

The lack of available space made it difficult for us to deliver and install a 100kW boiler. However, our experts were able to recommend the use of five 22kW temporary electric boilers, which could be fitted discreetly out of hours and ensure our client still had the required heating and hot water capacities.

The impact of not installing a temporary boiler unit would have resulted in the closure of the building until a replacement had been installed. Instead, our quick response helped supersede an ineffective boiler system and keep the entire premises warm without causing any disruption to event preparations.

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Andrews Dehumidification Hire upgrade desiccant range

As the country’s leading supplier of temporary drying hire services, Andrews Dehumidification are delighted to announce our latest product – the KT6000. This recent addition to our desiccant range affords customers an energy cost saving of more than 35%, when compared with other products available on the market.

The KT6000 is suitable for a wide selection of purposes and has been designed to protect moisture-sensitive materials including sugars, powders, pharmaceuticals and metals. Perfect for projects where low relative humidity is required and/or ambient temperatures below 10°, this upgraded unit represents a significant investment in our dehumidifier rental fleet.

A maximum extraction rate of up to 1,550 litres every 24 hours underlines the unit’s aptitude for operating in large areas, while a compatible ducting length of 48 metres facilitates deployment even in situations where site access is restricted.

More energy efficient than other desiccant dehumidifiers offered elsewhere, our KT6000 model consumes just 32 kW/h of power and has the capacity to extract as many as 64.5 litres of fluid every single hour.

Features and benefits include:

* Suitable for applications where low relative humidity is essential

* Air flows of up to 6,000m³/h for when high volumes are needed

* Improved efficiency for lower running costs

* 48 metres of ducting enabling deployment in areas where access is restricted

Divisional Director Carl Webb, said: ““The KT6000 features the latest cutting-edge advancements in desiccant technology and has been designed with the intention of saving our customers money. A remote humidistat ensures the unit runs only when required, while further savings can be achieved by recirculating air. Its weatherproof chassis also allows safe outdoor deployment, rendering it perfect for projects where internal use is restricted.”

For additional information on the KT6000, or any other dehumidifier hire unit in our expansive range, call 0800 211 611 today to speak to a member of our dedicated contact centre. Alternatively, you can click here to see a detailed summary which includes a list of environments in which the dryer is regularly used.

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Office Wars: the costly effect of temperature related disagreements

With winter in full swing, offices across the country once again return to the hot topic of office temperature. Whether you’re too hot or too cold in the office, there’s no avoiding the debate.

A survey carried out on behalf of Andrews Sykes heating solutions found that 80% of all office workers complain about the temperature and spend an average of 7.4 minutes per day trying to adjust their temperature in order to create a comfortable working environment.

Click the above image to see infographic

In total, almost £15 billion is wasted each year in the UK, on employees trying to adjust the temperature in their office.

We explored the ins and outs of the data in our latest infograph as well as looking at the more creative and interesting ways office workers have tried to keep their cool or warm their cockles when the office temperature becomes uncomfortable.

Andrews Sykes provides a wide array of heater hire solutions for all environments, for more information about competitive hire rates, call 0800 211 611 or click here to complete an enquiry and one of our trained consultants will get back to you shortly.

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Hotel chain undergo major refurbishment with help from Andrews heaters

When a world renowned hotel group were undergoing a refurbishment on the latest addition to their chain of hotels, Andrews were called in to provide the building with a temporary heating hire arrangement. The client required space heating to be distributed within the building, mainly to the stairwell, during the planned refurbishment works.

Our experts surveyed the project, proposing a heater hire package that would fulfill the needs of a major client. Several ID 65 oil-fired units were recommended, due to their ability to be used in places with limited ventilation.

The rental unit was positioned within the compound of the hotel, with the warm air being ducting in through the building windows – providing the building and construction workers with sufficient heating.

Once operational, our heaters ensured a stable temperature was constantly maintained. The customer was extremely pleased with the swift response from our specialist team and the accurate advice contributed to the seamless completion of a new prestigious hotel.

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Andrews heating hire keep Clacton leisure centre warm

During the cold winter months, leisure centres rely on the presence of an effective heating supply. Failure to provide this amenity can lead to temporary closures until a replacement is installed – a big inconvenience to your clients. So when a leisure centre in Essex had to decommission their existing boiler due to emergency repairs, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted in search for an immediate solution.

Our specialists visited the site within a couple of hours of initial contact, suggesting the deployment of an FH111 temporary indirect fired heater outside the building. Due to limited accessibility on site, the unit was being ducted through the centre’s side access door and then split into two once inside the pool area – heating two different areas simultaneously.

As a result of our speedy response time, our experts were able to guarantee their opening hours were not disrupted. The units were commissioned on the same day of callout and ensured the pool area maintained the temperature required to keep visitors comfortable whilst swimming.

The client was extremely pleased with our tailored heater hire solution – keeping our unit on site for the duration of the maintenance works.

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UK faced with weather warnings as temperatures plummet to -5C

After a fairly mild start to winter, the UK is now expected to be hit by crippling conditions and widespread snowfall – with experts predicting weeks of chaos.

Temperatures have already fallen below freezing across many parts of the country, prompting the Met Office to release a yellow ice warning for a number of northern cities.

Piercing Scandinavian winds have brought successive shivering nights following the turn of the year, triggering an extreme temperature drop that could leave Britain colder than Moscow and Greenland over the next 10 days.

Forecasters have advised that local and national transport networks are likely to be affected, with severe snowfall set to strike by mid-January.

Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction, explained: “Towards the second half of the month, extreme cold will develop with bitter gales which could be damaging at times. Blizzards across all parts will then become limited to the Midlands and eastern England.

“It will remain very cold until the end of January with further north-easterly gales – temperatures for January are likely to come in well below normal.”

The unwelcome weather update comes at a time when schools are re-opening after the Christmas break, with most people also now returning to work following time off over the festive period.

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we recognise the importance of keeping your major assets – your staff – warm, comfortable and safe while bitter winter temperatures take their toll. That’s why we have temporary heater hire systems available for immediate delivery, in addition to boilers of all specifications.

Our industry expertise allows us to propose suitable heating rental packages for offices and schools, as well as vulnerable outdoor construction sites where raw materials are exposed to frost damage.

For more information on how we can help protect your application, or to obtain a free quotation about an impending project, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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