Andrews Air Conditioning Hire provide emergency cooling solution for server room

A high-profile London building was undergoing a major refurbishment project which included the removal of a permanent air conditioning system serving the communications rooms. As a result, our specialists were drafted in to provide the client with a temporary cooling solution to ensure the correct environment was maintained to protect sensitive hardware contained within.

Shortly after initial contact, one of our local specialists visited the site to assess the specifications of the area before proposing a suitable air conditioning hire package to preserve the desired low temperatures.

After discussions, it was decided that three PAC22 air conditioning units would provide the necessary amount of cooling to keep temperatures down on site. Our specialists positioned one PAC22 in each section of the application and used lengths of ducting to transfer warm air outside the building.

The high-volume cooling system proposed was quickly installed by our experts and proved extremely successful in combatting high temperatures within the communications room. As a result, all electrical equipment remained online and fully functional throughout the time in which our portable air conditioners were on hire.

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Andrews Air Conditioning playing our part in the Royal Wedding celebrations!

An international news company broadcasting the Royal Wedding has entrusted Andrews Air Conditioning with providing a temporary cooling solution for their transmitting station.

For those of us not lucky enough to be among the guests at Windsor Castle to witness Price Harry tie the knot with Meghan Markle, the next best option will be watching live at home! As with previous Royal occasions, coronations and milestones, TV viewers can expect hours of uninterrupted coverage streamed live from St. George’s Chapel and the lawns of the Castle.

About 27 million Brits and 23 million Americans watched the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. In order to cope with expected high viewing figures and lengthy TV coverage, our client requested a short-term air conditioning arrangement to prevent camera equipment and monitors from overheating.

The solution, provided by a local specialist, was to propose the deployment of five Polar Wind air conditioners which have the capacity to instil a more desirable working environment within the broadcasting quarters. The air conditioning hire package has already reduced temperatures as required and played a vital role in televising interviews and shooting ‘behind the scenes’ content in the run-up to the main event on Saturday 19 May.

We’re delighted to be playing our part in ensuring the biggest wedding of the year runs smoothly and are glad that our air conditioning hire package has had the impact our client wanted.

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Short-term ventilation hire assists with flume maintenance works

Andrews ventilation Hire was recently drafted in by a local East Sussex leisure centre to ensure all hazardous fumes were removed from their indoor swimming pool while maintenance work was carried out on their flumes.

As part of this process, the customer was required to recoat the flumes with a special resin. This substance creates highly toxic fumes which need to be cleared from the building’s interior to prevent workers from inhaling potentially dangerous toxins. As a result, a temporary ventilation extraction arrangement was required immediately.

Our specialists visited the site in order to conduct a free survey and recommend the best solution for the customer. Two FV900 ventilation extraction fans were agreed upon and positioned outside the building, with ducting running into the indoor swimming pool to replace the fumes with fresh air and simultaneously remove harmful contaminants.

The customer was extremely pleased with the speed in which our specialists implemented a ventilation hire package, allowing the maintenance works to be comfortably completed in time before the summer rush kicked in.

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Andrews provide chiller equipment to one of the country largest suppliers of fresh fish and seafood

When a chiller breakdown put one of the largest importers of fresh tuna in danger of failing to reach production targets, our chiller specialists were drafted in to provide them with emergency temporary cooling solution.

The seafood supplier in question sources in excess of 30 species of fresh fish and seafood worldwide – delivering them to the biggest supermarkets and restaurants in the UK. It was therefore imperative that they did not lose any of their cooling capacity or valuable stock would be lost.

As a result, our experts visited site to conduct a free site survey and recommend an appropriate chiller hire. Our solution was to provide the customer with a 750kW chiller to connect to their existing system and restore cooling to their production line.

We ensured the temporary cooling equipment maintained maximum effectiveness while the old chiller was being repaired off site. The client was extremely satisfied with our practical solution which allowed production to carry on as normal.

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Ventilation hire provides bespoke extraction solution for major construction company

A well-known construction company contacted Andrews Ventilation Hire to prevent hazardous fumes from marring the development of a new retail outlet. Before the facility could open to the public, though, a floor covering 30,000 square metres would have to be laid.

Our client’s problem arose from the fact that toxins present within the resin used would have resulted in harmful fumes being released into the working environment. Our specialists were tasked with providing a temporary ventilation solution for the affected area – removing air that had been contaminated by the dangerous chemicals used to create the resin flooring.

After conducting a free and comprehensive survey of the site, our experts deployed and installed two FV 1800 ventilation fans which were positioned at either end of the building. Ducting was then used to extract the contaminated air to ensure tradesmen working on site were kept safe throughout the project.

Once commissioned, our short-term extraction fans helped create a constant circulation of fresh air to replace the polluted air, thereby negating any health risks and complying with the industry’s health and safety regulations.

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Andrews Heat for Hire wish Chris Ingram well following Rally Islas Canarias withdrawal

We’d like to offer Chris our best wishes after he was forced to pull out of last weekend’s rally because of illness.

Chris and co-driver Ross Whittock took the difficult step of retiring from the race on Friday, citing medical reasons.

Unfortunately, Chris had been struggling with sickness in the days leading up to Rally Islas Canarias but still took the brave step of trying to compete despite the magnitude of the task ahead.

We’re very proud to be sponsoring Chris in his debut 4WD season and sincerely hope his recovery goes smoothly over the next few days.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to see him back in action at the next stage of the FIA European Rally Championships.

We look forward to seeing Chris return to the track and for him to build on his stunning performance in the Azores – where he got off his season off to the perfect start.

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Sykes Pumps provide pump hire equipment for old Sykes House site

When a well-known construction company had issues keeping a site in South London dry following a sustained downpour, they contacted our pump specialists in search of an effective pumping solution.

The site in question was bought by Henry Sykes Ltd in 1928 and was the home of our head office for many years until its relocation to Wolverhampton. It is situated just a few hundred yards from our flagship depot in Charlton but now looks almost unrecognisable when compared with the area we once occupied.

Following a site survey, it was decided that the client would need a super silent pump hire arrangement capable of operating quietly due to its close proximity to busy residential and commercial properties.

As a result, our experts recommended the deployment of a Super Wispaset 150 super silenced pump along with a combination of 6m poly hoses and 3m wire armoured hoses for ease of installation.

The work was carried out successfully thanks to our temporary pumping solution. Our pump hire arrangement also ensured that the affected area remained dry so that the client could seal the space and prevent any future water issues on site.

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Ingram aims to build on successful start at Rally Islas Canarias

Chris Ingram has the opportunity to extend his lead at the top of the ERC Junior U28 rankings when he takes to the track at the Rally Islas Canarias on Thursday.

And the Mancunian has fond memories of competing on Spanish territory having won the corresponding rally this time last season.

History has already repeated itself in one regard. Chris went into the 2017 Rally Islas Canarias off the back of victory in the Azores, and he triumphed in Portugal once again just over a month ago.

The double European champion shared a video of a slight mishap that occurred while testing earlier in the week, with cold tyres causing problems for Chris and two other drivers on the circuit.

But he was quick to laugh off the incident and reinforced that his sole focus lies with repeating or even emulating the excellent performance produced at Rally Islas Canarias twelve months ago.

Said to be one of the most challenging drives on the ERC programme, Rally Islas Canarias combines stages at various altitudes with treacherous corners that even the most seasoned professionals have had trouble navigating.

The action commences at 20:30 on Thursday 3 May and finishes at 17:50 Saturday.

As ever, we’d like to wish Chris the very best of luck and hope that he returns back to these shores having extended the 11-point advantage that currently separates him from nearest rival Fredrik Ahlin.

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Andrews provide short-term chiller to assist with the preservation of stored bodies

Andrews Chiller Hire was recently contacted by a well-known hospital in desperate need of an effective chiller hire to assist with the creation of a temporary body storage facility, after their own storage facility had reached full capacity.

The client in question took the step of converting an existing secure area into a temporary ‘cold room’ to accommodate the additional bodies that they were required to store. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this request, an immediate solution was required.

After conducting a site survey of the area in question, our specialists recommended a Fast Chill 45 unit which was delivered and set up within a few hours of our arrival – guaranteeing sufficient volumes of low temperature cooling. The rented cooling equipment was positioned inside the storage area to ensure the bodies were kept at the desired temperature.

The chiller hire package we provided instantly solved the problem in question, with our equipment remaining on hire for two weeks.

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Andrews assists Sussex WWII air raid shelter

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was recently contacted with an unusual request to assist the drying of a WWII air raid shelter in Brighton, Sussex, which had previously been concealed beneath the tarmac of a school playground!

Incredibly, workers at Downs Junior School rediscovered a once forgotten air raid bunker situated three metres underground. Since then, volunteers have come together to restore the shelter which experts believe would have originally been used to protect as many as 300 children from Luftwaffe planes. The area has since been converted into a local museum which offers an authentic insight into life during the Blitz.

The bunker’s location has unsurprisingly led to excess moisture building up on the walls, floor and some of the artefacts on display. One of our local experts visited the site and deduced that the restriction of a small manhole-style entrance would dictate which equipment we could use to help dry the application.

One of our small refrigerant dehumidifiers was recommended because of its aptitude for operating in tight spaces, and this was deployed with the intention of quickly drying the worst affected areas. We have since been delighted to learn that our drying solution has successfully restored the desired conditions to help preserve the environment.

At Andrews Dehumidification, we take pride in being able to help clients with requirements on any scale. For more information on the products we offer or to get some advice on the best course of action for you, call us today on 0800 211 611.


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