UK facing “four months of snow” according to forecasters

Despite record-breaking September temperatures across much of the country, weather experts have suggested a harsh winter is just around the corner – with prolonged periods of heavy snowfall imminent.

Seasonal storms are set to hit the UK in just six weeks, with widescale “whiteouts” expected until as late as February. This prediction is in stark contrast to recent winters, which have been comparatively mild.

Exacta Weather’s James Madden, explains: “Despite the much warmer than average but unsettled summer and the warm start to autumn, people should not be lulled into a false sense of security.”

“Throughout this winter we fully expect some quite potent wintry blasts from as early as November for the northern half of the country, and even the southern half of the country can expect some prolonged wintry weather at times.

“This does not dispel some large temperature swings to milder and potentially stormy weather conditions throughout this winter period, but we do expect less stormy weather conditions throughout this winter and in comparison to the last few winter periods.

“The bitter forecast comes amid predictions subtle changes in atmospheric pressure will open the floodgates to freezing air from the Arctic through the season.”

Fortunately, there is no need to panic just yet with current UK temperatures still around the mid-teens! But with October just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about making plans for the colder months of the year.

At Andrews, we stock a full range of climate control products that ensure clients from a broad range of industries are protected regardless of season. If you have an upcoming requirement and wish to discuss the benefits of a heating hire package or a temporary boiler arrangement, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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Sykes provide long-term pump hire solution for property construction plan

When a Kent quarry became the subject of a major new development project, the customer overseeing the scheme was confident that Sykes could assist them effectively.

The site in question had planning permission for over 10,000 homes and almost 10 million square feet of commercial, retail and leisure space. Sykes have previously worked on similar projects nearby, including the Bluewater Shopping Center scheme.

A number of Sykes UVO 200/150F (D90) diesel pumps were recommended by our specialists, with these particular units deemed perfect for discharging water over a two-mile distance into the River Thames.

Our High Performance range of pumps has been designed for use across a broad range of challenging scenarios – dewatering among them. Here at Sykes we take pride in maintaining our equipment throughout the entirety of a pump hire, ensuring all units are operating at full capacity, until no longer required on site.

The pumps we supplied are expected to remain on hire for approximately three years, such is the scale of this development.

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Blueberry yield protected during summer heatwave

When a distinguished farm in eastern England required air conditioning to help keep produce cool during the height of summer, they approached us in search of a practical solution. As an existing client, they knew Andrews would be able to offer same-day delivery which was extremely important given how quickly high temperatures can affect perishable food.

Our customer was looking to keep vast quantities of freshly-picked blueberries in a makeshift storage centre, but as construction had not been completed, some temporary cooling assistance was needed immediately.

We recommended the deployment of a PAC 22 split-type air conditioner after calculating that approximately 6kW of cooling would be sufficient. The enquiry was handled over the phone and culminated in our equipment being delivered to site less than four hours after original contact.

Once commissioned, our unit ensured the application’s temperature was maintained at 12°C throughout the two months it was on hire. The fruit was therefore kept unspoiled during this period and was delivered in perfect condition to various retailers nationwide.

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Post-heatwave flooding takes England by storm!

Due to the recent thunder and rain, UK news sources have been heavily documenting the widespread flooding that has caused carnage throughout much of southern England. Thousands of homes have been affected, with many families suffering damage to their property as a result of severe downpours.

At Sykes Pumps, we continue to support both businesses and residents by supplying a wide range of pumps suitable for floods of any scale. Our immediate call-out response rate ensures we are here for you 24/7 thanks to our expansive depot network located across the region.

Our pumping equipment will continue to aid the recovery process, with the Environment Agency still issuing flood alerts to those living in London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Reading and Portsmouth.

In addition to pump hire solutions, Andrews Dehumidification have also begun providing significant quantities of building dryers to affected areas, with hundreds of additional units also on standby for when the floods begin to subside.

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Ingram gears up for Championship showdown

This weekend’s FIA European Rally Championship Junior finale in Latvia represents arguably the most significant period of Chris Ingram’s career so far – not to mention one of the most challenging.

The 22-year-old Mancunian has established a commanding 31-point lead over nearest rival and Opel teammate Marijan Griebel, following five consecutive podium finishes.

Only a Griebel victory in the final round can prevent the Andrews-sponsored driver from sealing the title, with the best four scores from six counting towards each driver’s finishing position. Any other result will see Chris crowned European champion, winning the coveted prize-drive in Cyprus.

Speaking in the build-up to what will be a testing three days, he said: “I’m finding it difficult to sleep because of the anticipation for what will probably one of the most important rallies of my career.

“I have worked and dreamed about winning a FIA rally title since I was a young boy spectating on rallies.

“We have a lot of confidence from our win at Barum a few weeks ago so I need to stay focused and do the job again in Latvia. Repaying Opel, Andrews Sykes, and all of my supporters by winning the championship and taking a sixth consecutive podium from the six rounds would be amazing!”

Around 75,000 spectators are expected to attend the rally, with many hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the local heroes participating. Proceedings will also be broadcasted to an international audience – expected to be in the region of 320 million – via the Eurosport television channel.

Everyone at Andrews Sykes would like to wish Chris the very best of luck this weekend and hope he returns to the UK safely with the ERC trophy!

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Andrews Ventilation provide fan cooling for retail store

During the warmer months of the year, Andrews are busy providing retail customers up and down the country with cooling solutions to suit their application. Among our client base is one of the UK’s leading health and beauty companies, who have stores nationwide.

Each summer, they contact us seeking a suitable cooling fan rental arrangement for one of their flagship stores in north London. This type of unit is perfect for the environment as no moisture is produced – which could be potentially harmful for the longevity and quality of some of the products sold.

The most recent project saw four ASF50 cooling fans delivered to site, with one stationed at the end of each aisle. Once operational, the fans help circulate vast quantities of fresh, ambient air throughout the outlet – much to the satisfaction of those browsing the shop.

Failure to source an appropriate ventilation hire package would likely have implications for this particular store, including smaller footfall and subsequently, loss of revenue. The deployment of a simple yet effective fan layout can help disperse hot air and ensure the maintained comfort of people inside.

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Infographic: what your partner dislikes about shopping

More than half of British males have made an excuse to avoid going shopping with their partner, a recent study has revealed. The findings – shared by both the Mail Online and the Sun – also indicate that UK men spend around three weeks of their lives waiting for their other halves to browse stores!

A broad range of factors can affect customer satisfaction among both genders, with the temperature of shops featuring more prominently than many would believe.

Unsurprisingly, other variables were pinpointed as negatively affecting a consumer experience – including queue lengths and crowds – but it was interesting to observe how the presence of an air conditioning system has become more commonly expected.

Carl Webb, UK Sales Director for HVAC at Andrews, said: “It is vitally important to ensure that retail environments are cool and comfortable for customers because studies show that shops failing in this department often lose out on business.

“By installing a permanent air conditioning system or even sourcing a temporary cooling arrangement during peak periods of hot weather, you are far more likely to see people remain in your shop for longer – and thus spend more money!”

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we specialise in providing clients in the retail sector with short-term cooling rental or fixed solutions. For more information on how we can help you, or to hire air conditioning equipment for an upcoming project, call us today on 0800 211 611 or visit www.andrews-sykes.com/air-conditioning.

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Emergency chiller hire keeps court proceedings on schedule

If your air conditioning system is deficient and incapable of keeping your premises cool, the first sign of summer heat can leave you panicking. And this situation can be particularly troublesome if an excessively warm environment threatens to halt normal daily routine – like in a court of law!

So when an Essex magistrates’ began overheating in the middle of summer, it was imperative that steps were taken quickly to prevent criminal cases from being delayed. The site’s existing chiller equipment had proved inadequate and was incapable of combatting sweltering seasonal temperatures – hence the need for our intervention.

An Andrews Chiller Hire technician visited the client’s premises and proposed a high capacity 375kW chiller positioned externally next to affected building. The location of their existing plant room – on the fourth floor – presented us with a potential challenge, but this was overcome by fastening lengths of connecting hosing to the buildings outside wall.

Once commissioned, our chiller hire solution worked perfectly and ensured indoor temperatures were normalised per the customer’s original request. By responding to an emergency callout less than two hours after it was received, we were able to guarantee that court proceedings were kept on schedule and avert the waste of taxpayer money!

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Ingram one step closer to Junior European Rally Championship title

Following the disappointment of early retirement at the WRC Rallye Deutschland in mid-August, Chris Ingram responded fantastically in the Junior European competition to seal victory in the Czech Republic’s Barum Rally.

Leading from start to finish, the 22-year-old guided his iconic Open Adam R2 car around the tricky 230km track with the assistance of co-driver Elliott Edmondson.

The car featured a new-look Andrews Heat for Hire branding which has replaced the logo originally used up until this stage of the season.

Chris set the tone for an impressive performance by recording the fastest two-wheel drive time on the city stage in Zlin, in front of a bumper crowd of 100,000 spectators. He then went on to take 7 stage wins from 9 in the opening leg, maintaining a healthy lead on the final day to win.

This marked a fifth successive ERC podium finish and puts Chris in a strong position ahead of the sixth and final round of the European Rally Championship – held on the gravel in Latvia.

Speaking in the aftermath of another incredible showing, he said: “We are absolutely delighted to have taken the win here. After my two most recent crashes have been WRC Germany last week and here in Barum last year, it was quite difficult mentally to believe we could win. We dug deep and really wanted it.

“My Opel team did an awesome job to keep the Adam R2 running perfectly as it was a tough event for many teams. It was a huge team effort and it’s thanks to all the guys, Elliott, my supporters and Andrews Sykes, who all played a big part in this result!”

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Sykes Pumps release new Minivac eco product video

As part of a continued effort to improve our website and provide customers with more information, we have begun to create a series of new product videos – the most recent of which reintroduces our popular Minivac eco pump.

This particular production includes almost two minutes of footage outlining the key features and benefits of our latest pump. Its simplistic format offers views a digestible breakdown of the various applications the pump is suitable for, in addition to a number of unique characteristics not available in similar competitor models.

As well as appearing on the Andrews Sykes Youtube channel, the video also sits on our Pumps category page and can be accessed by clicking here.

Keep an eye out for future audio-visuals appearing on our website over the next few weeks, with several new products scheduled for launch before the end of 2016.

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