Andrews provides boiler solution for West Yorkshire’s largest teaching hospital

One of West Yorkshire’s largest teaching hospitals had plans of building a three-storey building extension in order to accommodate new paediatric and geriatric units. Two well-known construction companies were subsequently drafted in to complete the project.

The Bradford Royal Infirmary is among the top ten ranking teaching hospitals and at the forefront of research and education in healthcare. As such, a large number of individuals were relying on the swift conclusion of a multi-million-pound development.

Our clients required an effective temporary boiler unit that would assist with the drying of the newly-laid infirmary screed flooring. To ensure the units met the customer’s needs, one of our specialists visited the site to conduct a survey.

As a result, a 22kW electric boiler hire was agreed upon due to its compact design and ability to operate quietly and inconspicuously within a working ward utilising the existing underfloor pipework.

Due to our unrivalled expertise of the construction industry, we were able to recommend and install a suitable boiler rental package that fulfilled the criteria set out by contractors.

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Scalextric unveil celebrated Andrews Heat for Hire car model

After forty-two years, Andrews Heat for Hire is still being recognised for supporting former British rallying champion Russell Brookes in what, even today, still represents one of the longest-standing sponsorships in sport.

This October, one of Britain’s first mini-model manufacturers acknowledged the significance of this relationship by producing a replica version of the distinctive yellow car – complete with Heat for Hire branding across the bodywork.

The beastly Sunbeam Talbot became synonymous with the unparalleled achievements of British motorsport legend Mr. Brookes. He went on to win the Constructors’ Championship from behind the wheel of this classic car, which now features in Scalextrics’ latest release!

The mini vintage imitations are a great reminder of the seventeen years Andrews spent working alongside one of the sport’s most iconic drivers. These diminutive Talbot models, shown in the video above, will serve as a historic and permanent reminder of what can rightly be regarded as one of the most successful partnerships ever seen in British sport.

Until this year, the last time our company logo appeared on a motorcar was way back in 1991, so the most recent vehicle addition to the Scalextrics’ sizeable archive serves as a timely and pertinent reminder of times gone by.

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Met Office warn “it’s time to start wrapping up”, as UK temperatures plummet

Climate experts have predicted freezing conditions across Britain this week, with the South-East expected to be among the worst affected areas.

Thermometer readings in London have already shown temperatures below -3°C overnight, as an Arctic icy snap prompted Public Health England to remind people to take extra care.

The sudden change in weather follows a recent announcement that local councils have stockpiled in excess of 1.2 million tonnes of salt in a bid to prepare for the months ahead.

Much of Scotland is forecast to see sub-zero temperatures – with lows of up to -5°C – while rural areas are likely to be even colder now that December is almost upon us.

Dr. Angie Bone, of PHE, said: “Cold does kill, even in places where the temperatures aren’t at their lowest.

“Now is the time to prepare for the cold weather forecast by the Met Office, and to think of those you know who are older, very young, or have pre-existing health conditions who are particularly vulnerable.

“Looking ahead into December and beyond, there are indications that a cold start to winter is more likely than normal.”

With temperatures nationwide plummeting and more extreme weather said to be just around the corner, what better time to act than now?

We stock a full range of Andrews heater hire units and boilers to ensure customers from a broad range of industries are protected throughout the winter season. If you have an upcoming or immediate requirement and wish to discuss the benefits of a temporary climate control arrangement, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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Environment Agency issue further flood warnings following heavy UK weather

More than 100 flood alerts have been issued across the country in recent days after torrential rain struck a number of regions. This has led to rivers rising in both Dorset and York, while the River Ogmore in Wales has also been reported to have caused widespread devastation.

Weather experts have predicted that heavy downpours are set to carry on throughout the latter part of the week, as Storm Angus continues to batter Britain.

Greg Dewhurst, of the Met Office, said: “We have seen the area of low pressure that brought heavy rain to the south and west, moving into southern Scotland and the North East.

“The wet and windy weather within that low pressure area will slowly move into the North Sea. Behind this, most places will still see showers – some heavy.”

An Environment Agency spokesman has also moved to encourage people to avoid driving through flood water or walking near swollen rivers, particularly as strong gusts of wind are expected to further worsen conditions.

Unsurprisingly, Sykes Pumps have been extremely active during this period and have supplied dozens of businesses nationwide with bespoke pump hire solutions. Our quick response to callout has enabled us to aid recovery processes at a large number of sites, with plans in place to offer supervision for the foreseeable future.

The Sykes range consists of an unbeatable selection of general purpose, submersible and silenced pumps, offering clients reliable remedies at their greatest time of need. For further information on the services we provide, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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Sykes Pumps develop new environmentally friendly silt separation system

In the majority of cases, water pollution is caused by the presence and prolonged build-up of sediment, silt and other abrasives which puts mounting pressure on our clients to ensure discharged water is as silt free as it can be before being reintroduced to a natural watercourse.

Increasing requirements for companies to take their ecological obligations seriously has led to Sykes Pumps adding a new environmentally friendly product to our extensive hire fleet – the Sykes Silt Away.

By deploying a Silt Away unit on site, customers can be confident of avoiding substantial fines and adverse publicity, as well as suffering enforced closures. In recent months, a number of organisations have been hit with hefty financial penalties for not taking sufficient precautions – including a major housebuilder who was fined a six-figure amount for negligent practice.

The unit has been designed for use in conjunction with the Sykes range of 6” pumps (150mm). As water is pumped through the Silt Away, it is filtered allowing the sediment and solids to be collected and contained within the unit. In heavily contaminated situations, customers can connect two Sykes Silt Away units in series to ensure that the discharge is successfully cleansed.

The implications of failing to observe environmental regulations are far-reaching and range from damaging natural habitats, killing wildlife and even blocking sewers and rivers. It is  of huge importance that projects are completed within designated timeframes, but without compromising the safety of any given location.

Features and benefits include:

- Effective separation of suspended solids

- A robust, compact steel structure for maximum strength and durability

- Low-level inlet and outlet connections for safe, easy use

- Large capacity for applications where high flow is required

- Designed for safe transportation to and from site

- Innovative cleaning, sampling and emptying features

Speaking prior to the unveiling, Sykes Pumps sales director Chris Graham, said: “From listening to customers, we have designed a product that is both safe and easy to operate. Features like a hinged discharge chamber opening and dedicated flushing points facilitates easy emptying and cleaning.

“We have reacted to growing market demand for efficient environmental equipment by developing the new Silt Away, which has now been added to our extensive fleet for immediate availability.”

For more information on the Sykes Silt Away or any other product from our pump hire fleet, call on 0800 211 611 to speak to an expert from our professional contact centre.

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Andrews Heat for Hire unveil new high capacity direct-fired unit

Andrews Heat for Hire are excited to introduce a modern, high capacity direct-fired oil heater – the Tornado. Designed specifically for use in well-ventilated applications, this particular product is perfect for construction sites, warehouse loading bays, garages and factories. Once operational, the Tornado can produce huge airflows of up to 2,500m³/h, providing users with a reliable and continuous supply of safe, hot air.

With a nominal heating duty of 69kW, the unit is perfect for deployment in large open spaces and capable of continuous operation for up to 12 hours. Our Tornado offers clients an extremely cost-effective solution to many specialised heating requirements and can be fuelled by either gas oil or kerosene.


Other features and benefits include:

-          High fuel efficiency allowing considerable cost savings on fuel

-          High capacity of 69kW heating areas of up to 2,500m³

-          Built-in fuel tank enabling immediate functionality

-          Safety thermostat for immediate shutdown in emergencies

-          Dual voltage model that works on both 110V and 230V supplies

-          IP44-rated electronics resistant against splashing water

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we are always finding ways to improve and develop our product fleet by adding units that will benefit clients across a wide range of industries. The Tornado provides our customers with a durable, high capacity heater that guarantees users first-rate functionality combined with affordable running costs.

For more information on the Tornado or any other product in our expansive range, call a member of our professional contact team today on 0800 211 6111. Alternatively, you can click here to see a complete summary of the unit, including accurate specifications.

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Ingram lands podium finish on Rally GB return

The final weekend of October saw Andrews-sponsored driver Chris Ingram get behind the wheel for the eagerly anticipated Wales Rally GB. Recently confirmed as Britain’s first European Championship rally winner for almost half a century, the 22-year-old was looking to cap a fantastic season as part of a star-studded Network Q lineup.

All 22 stages of the rally were captured by live TV broadcasters, who were accompanied throughout the weekend by tens of thousands of spectators. And, having originally faced great adversity on the first day, Chris overcame an enforced retirement by eventually recording a trademark podium finish!

Finishing third in class with a new team and unfamiliar circumstances was a fantastic achievement, in a year that had already been packed with highlights.

Senior figures at Andrews watched Saturday’s action with great interest, and were joined by a number of our customers for what proved to be a fantastic day of racing. Live action on track was then followed by a couple of our guests having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience being behind the wheel of a Group B car.

We’d like to thank Tim Foster for his excellent hosting throughout the event, and Chris himself for organising proceedings. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended and gave our party, who are all genuine fans of the sport, an authentic taste of motor racing.

Dave Himsworth – Operations Director for Andrews Sykes Hire remarked “We have enjoyed supporting Chris throughout 2016 and seeing the famous Andrews Heat for Hire branding back in the motor sport arena.”

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Sykes Pumps cut emergency reaction times with new innovation

Sykes Pumps are delighted to introduce a new concept in emergency pumping by unveiling our revolutionary Rapid Response unit. The main feature of our latest innovation is its lightweight frame which allows it to be legally towed by vans and other medium sized vehicles.

Complying with all industry regulations, the Rapid Response pump negates the need for delivery lorries, tahcographs and – perhaps most importantly – any additional manpower. The unit can be attached, delivered and set up by a single operative, simplifying the whole process between transportation and installation.

Although small and compact in size, the Rapid Response delivers users huge performance that facilitates the pumping of up to 130,000 litres per hour. A built-in fuel tank and self-priming feature allows the pump to be up and running within seconds of arriving on site. No specialist training is required to commission the unit which can be fully functional simply by the turn of a key.

Specifically designed for contractors, utilities companies and local authorities, the pump can be housed in your yard or warehouse and be on the road instantly when urgent intervention is needed.

The Rapid Response pump has been brought to market following in-depth customer-based research, with a number of key criteria incorporated in the product’s features and benefits:

-          Lightweight frame suitable for towing even by medium sized vehicles

-          Silenced engine tier 4 compliant allowing discreet deployment in noise-sensitive areas

-          Built-in fuel tank permitting full functionality within seconds of arrival on site

-          Quick release couplings for swift installation

-          High flow rates which are ideal for incidents of localised flooding

-          High discharge pressures for instances where extensive hose lengths are required

-          Fuel tank capacity of 35 litres enabling continuous operation for up to 24 hours

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, explains: “The Rapid Response pump retains all the great features that our customers love about the Sykes Pumps range, while raising the bar in the pump hire sector in terms of lightweight, fuel efficiency, ease of use and performance.

“We believe it is the most robust, compact and cost-effective road towable pump on the market and have already committed to a signification investment – with further units planned for both rental and sales customers.

“Our expert sales team will be travelling the country offering demonstrations to potential clients over the next few weeks, with pumps now available for immediate long-term hire.”

If you’d like to discuss the many advantages of using a Rapid Response pump in instances that necessitate immediate attention, then speak to a trained professional today. Simply call us on 0800 211 611 and a member of our expert contact team can assist you further or even make a recommendation based on the specifications of an upcoming project. You can also watch a video showing our new product in action, by clicking here.

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Andrews Boilers enable students to occupy Scottish university campus

When a college in Kilmarnock required a temporary boiler on site to keep students warm during the construction of a new build, Andrews Boilers was urgently called in to provide a temporary substitute.

After a site visit had been conducted, our recommendation was to supply the client with a 500kW boiler hire unit along with a 2000 litre fuel tank, enabling extensive periods of operation once the equipment had been set up on site.

 Ongoing works in the area prevented our unit from being deployed in the designated plant room, but one of our engineers were able to identify an alternative location a short distance away. The restrictions we faced when positioning our boiler presented a challenge that we managed to overcome, resulting in us rerouting the flue.

By arranging this short-term boiler rental, our client was able to have access to adequate heating and hot water until a permanent installation was possible – providing students on campus with a comfortable living environment.

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Andrews Chillers preserve turkey lifespan during Christmas build-up

Before turkeys can be distributed to your local supermarkets, farmers must first convert the poultry into food that is safe for human consumption. This is done by conducting a thorough carcass wash and clean, then placing the birds into a cold storage unit until they are ready to be dispatched.

With Christmas around the corner and the demand for turkeys soon expected to peak, our chiller hire specialists were called in to provide a renowned company with an effective solution, after struggling to maintain the required conditions within their cold storage application.

Our client specified that the storage unit must be kept below 4⁰C to comply with industry standards. FC90 low temperature chiller units were subsequently provided to ensure the quality and safety of the turkeys, preventing the growth of pathogens and spoilage of the poultry.

The fast response along with the effectiveness of our portable chiller rental equipment allowed the turkeys to be successfully preserved until ready for distribution.

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