Famous shipbuilding company seek ventilation solution for renovation project

One of Britain’s most famous shipbuilding companies recently contacted Andrews Ventilation Hire in search of some effective extraction equipment. The requirement stemmed from their need to convert a famous old navy ship into a shipping container.

As part of the renovation project, the client in question was expected to remove large steel components from the ship before welding structure back together and making it watertight. Our specialists were tasked with providing a regular flow of fresh air throughout the container to ensure the removal of all toxic fumes given off by the welding equipment used.

One of our regional experts surveyed the site and proposed a ventilation hire package consisting of ten FV900 S2 fans, which were used to extract polluted air from the confined space and duct it outside the application and into open air.

Our customer was extremely impressed with the effectiveness of the short-term ventilation system we recommended – keeping the units on hire for eight months while the project was ongoing.

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Scottish councils prepare for predicted harsh winter

Britain is set to feel the effects of an icy Arctic blast this weekend, with snow and sub-zero temperatures expected to hit Scotland particularly hard.

Parts of the country have already encountered snowfall this month, and a sharp drop in temperature over the next 24 hours increases the likelihood of Inverness, Aberdeen and other northern territories suffering the same fate.

Interestingly, bookmakers make Aberdeen the most likely UK city to see a white Christmas in 2017 – closely followed by Edinburgh.

Earlier in the week it was revealed that hundreds of staff and dozens of vehicles are on standby in Glasgow to ensure traffic disruption is minimised in the face of a climatic downturn.

Almost 1,500 salt containers have been placed across the city to ensure roads and pathways are suitably gritted over the next two months.

Governing bodies throughout Scotland have been quick to take necessary precautions and warned that thermometer readings will again be replicating the -5°C levels reached earlier this week.

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we can’t do much about temperatures north of the border – but we can help our clients overcome the freezing conditions expected to strike the country over the coming days and weeks.

We provide a full range of services from our Scottish depots, so if you need a heater hire in Glasgow or a boiler rental in Aberdeen, Andrews can be relied upon to accommodate your need.

For more information on how we can assist you, call us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, you can contact your local depot directly which can be found in the drop-down menu here.

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Tailoured heating solution provided for major golfing tournmanet

One of Britain’s top hotels and golf resorts recently sought some emergency heating equipment ahead of one of their most high-profile events, prompting them to approach Andrews Heat for Hire.

The venue has a large permanent golf course which is extremely popular and hosts major championship tournaments all year round. Following a breakdown of the venue’s climate control system, a local Andrews specialist visited the site to conduct an emergency site survey and advise our customer on the best solution.

After settling upon the deployment of a high capacity FH111 oil fired heater, our experts delivered and installed the equipment – leaving the customer relieved at successfully sourcing a short-term heating solution before the event began. This was scheduled to remain in place until a permanent alternative could be found.

Our heating hire arrangement was ideal for maintaining a temporary supply of heat to the client’s function rooms and instilling a comfortable environment for many of the world’s most famous golfers.

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UK braces for Storm Rina with temperatures set to plummet this weekend

The UK could be bombarded by snow this weekend as Storm Rina builds strength in the Atlantic Ocean – and freezing temperatures are expected to strike Britain as a result.

The Met Office has warned that the storm will bring us the coldest winter for half a decade, with strong gusts of 50mph and heavy rainfall due to strike much of the north, sending temperatures plunging overnight.

Oli Claydon, forecaster for the Met Office, said: “A cold front is moving across the country and that will really be the story for the next few days.

“By the end of the week we will really start to notice this and we will have some low daytime temperatures.

“It will start to feel raw and cold during the day and by the end of next weekend we could start to see wintry showers to lower levels.”

Temperatures as cold as -5°C will sweep down from Scotland and covering the rest of the UK by Sunday. The warnings come after long-range forecasters predicted that arctic winds could see temperatures drop to a shocking -10°C in parts of the country before the end of November.

At Andrews Heat for Hire, the expert knowledge of our trained engineers allows us to propose suitable heating rental packages for offices and schools, as well as vulnerable outdoor construction sites, where raw materials are exposed to frost damage.

Our specialists provide a wide selection of heating hire packages for a range of environments to ensure challenging weather conditions are tackled properly. For more information about our competitive hire rates, call 0800 211 611 or click here to complete an enquiry and one of our trained consultants will get back to you shortly.

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Leading mobility company contact Andrews in search of temporary heating solution

When a leading manufacturer of wheelchairs and mobility scooters were in search of some urgent short-term heating to keep their staff warm throughout the winter months, Andrews Heat for Hire were on hand to help.

A local specialist visited the site to conduct a free site survey before recommending that our client hire a single high capacity FH111 indirect fired heater, along with a fuel tank and one length of ducting. The temporary heating solution was required to heat the warehouse, where workers spend a majority of their time – providing them with a comfortable working environment.

Once the heating hire package had been commissioned, our customer was extremely happy with the results in addition to the level of service provided by our engineer. The system was delivered and installed extremely quickly, enabling the site to remain open.

All kit was delivered and installed within a 24-hour timeframe and is expected to remain on site for the duration of the winter – potentially even becoming an annual hire.

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Marquee heating disaster avoided thanks to Andrews Heat for Hire

As the clocks go back and the nights draw in earlier, its quite common that the need for heating is overlooked when hosting an outdoor event. This happened recently when a popular wedding venue in Essex called Andrews Heat for Hire for assistance the day before a big wedding.

The venue has a large permanent marquee in which is popular all year round for parties, weddings and much more. With the early Autumn temperature being relatively mild, they had no need to turn on their fixed heating system for the marquee. However, when the temperature quickly dropped the venue decided to test the heater to ensure there was no issues for the upcoming wedding, unfortunately the fixed solution failed to start leaving them with an issue to overcome quickly.

Once discovering Andrews Heat for Hire online, the venue called our trained team to assist. After getting a few details about the marquee we suggested the perfect solution for the venue, in this case it was a short-term hire of a ID65 portable indirect fired oil heater. Taking full advantage of our marquee heater special offer, we supplied the heater, ducting and a full 90 litre fuel tank for same day delivery.

After a speedy installation and a quick demonstration on how to operate the unit, the venue was delighted with the quick service and efficient solution – they have since rehired for another event while they’re waiting for the fixed solution to be repaired. Don’t let the cold hinder your event – call our team today on 0800 211 611.

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Ingram wins yet another trophy in front of Wales Rally GB competition winners

Earlier this month, Andrews Heat for Hire teamed up with Chris Ingram to offer our customers, staff and social media followers the chance to win tickets to the Wales Rally GB at Cholmondeley Castle.

A number of winners were selected at random prior to the event and descended upon Cheshire this weekend to witness the action up close from a designated VIP hospitality area.

Billed as the largest and most high-profile motor rally on these shores, the Wales Rally GB is a round on the FIA World Rally Championship – attracting more than 100,000 visitors this year alone.

Although a fantastic event in its own right, the occasion was made even more special by the fact that Chris won the two-wheel drive class by more than 12 minutes, securing the coveted Richard Burns trophy in the process!

It’s been a tremendous month or so for the current European champion who capped the best season of his career to date with a scintillating performance over the weekend.

We were delighted to see our competition winners in attendance and are glad to report that everyone present seemed to really enjoy the day!

Andrews Heat for Hire would like to thank everyone who entered and we extend our gratitude, as ever, to Chris.

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One of the largest retail and office developments in London contact Andrews for temporary chiller hire

When one of the UK’s largest mechanical and electrical service companies was tasked with providing cooling for a well-known retail and office development in the heart of London, Andrews Chillers were brought in to carry out the project.

The emergency call to our specialists came following an air conditioning breakdown in one of the building’s retail units. Following an extensive site survey, our specialists delivered and installed one of our 30kW temporary chillers along with two 15kW air handler units which were placed inside the retail unit. This solution gave staff and customers the benefit of a constant supply of cool air.

By implementing a chiller hire solution within hours of receiving the enquiry, we were able to provide effective climate control for the shop – thus instilling a comfortable working environment.

Once commissioned, the specialist chiller equipment helped create a constant circulation of water-cooled air which was vital in safeguarding the shop and enabled them to continue trading as normal.

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Andrews Heat for Hire successfully protect wheat during harvest

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently contacted by the operators of a 2000-acre farm in Shrewsbury, who were having difficulties drying their wheat naturally and so required a hired drying solution to minimise the likelihood of spoilage.

During harvest season, UK farms are often affected by severe weather and wet conditions – with many farmers struggling to dry their crop which then results in a poor quality of grain. In this instance, a heating solution was necessary to ensure all crops were dry and ready for distribution.

We decided to install one FH4000 indirect fired oil heater which we placed directly outside the application. Warm air was driven into the drying area via ducting, improving conditions. The temporary drying equipment we provided made an immediate difference and stopped the wheat from becoming spoilt once sorted.

Thanks to the fast response of our experts, our client was able to market the wheat soon after harvest without any disruption – saving them thousands of pounds.

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Andrews Chiller Hire assists with the production of the world’s most popular high-speed diesel engines

One of the world’s leading aeronautical engineers encountered a major problem with their production line when their cooling system lost productivity. As a result, Andrews Chillers were contacted and asked to install a temporary chiller system that would enable the production of engines to remain consistent with normal output levels.

Following an assessment by one of our qualified engineers, our solution was to provide a chiller hire package which consisted of a 200kW Fluid Chiller, a plate heat exchanger and a circulation pump – in order to restore functionality to the customer’s existing cooling system.

This quick turnaround provided by our specialists meant we were able to help our customer maintain desired temperatures throughout the various stages of production.

Our client was extremely impressed with our quick response which played a pivotal role in guaranteeing the plant remained online and kept the production of the world’s most popular high-speed diesel engines fully operational at all times.

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