Newly-crowned European champion Ingram prepares for Wales Rally GB

The month of October has been a good one for Chris Ingram. Officially crowned as two-wheel drive European champion on the 8th, the Manchester-based driver was then signed up by Vauxhall Motorsport to compete in the Wales Rally GB – commencing this weekend.

Chris’ impressive performances this season caught the eye of Network Q, who moved quickly to include the 22-year-old among their stellar line-up.

His achievements have also yielded a fantastic amount of coverage among national broadcasters including ITV and Eurosport. This has in turn seen the Andrews Heat for Hire branding – historically iconic in motor racing – frequently appear in live footage, features and interviews with Chris.

Reflecting on an incredible year, he summarised: “It has been the best season of my career so far which has culminated in me winning the FIA European title. We have competed at some amazing places such as the Rally Azores, which featured roads on volcano edges as well as closed road rallies in Belgium and Czech Republic.

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“Getting five podiums in a row to secure the European two-wheel drive rally title is an achievement I am very proud of but it is thanks to my Opel team and my sponsor Andrews Heat for Hire. Without their support, this would not have been possible!”

The Wales Rally GB presents Chris with an opportunity to compete near the area in which he grew up, as it features a stage in the somewhat serene Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire. Incidentally, the World Rally Championship is back on English soil for the first time since the ‘90s, while Ingram himself is the first British driver to be backed by Vauxhall for sixteen years!

Around 100,000 spectators will be track-side for the 22-stage contest, which will see drivers tour a gruelling 333 kilometres of terrain in what are expected to be unusually dry conditions.

Friday marks a new chapter in Chris’ career, and he has spoken at length about his excitement at competing a short distance away from the area in which he originally honed his driving skills.

Everyone associated with Andrews would like to wish him the very best of luck with his latest conquest and hope that both he and the whole team enjoy a successful weekend behind the wheel.

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International restaurant chain heated by Andrews hire package

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we understand the obligation of companies operating in the food industry to keep their guests sufficiently warm throughout the winter season.

So when a famous international restaurant suffered a heating failure at one of their chains in Middlesbrough, our specialists were on hand to provide them with an instant temporary solution.

To ensure the units would be fit for purpose, a member of our contact centre used their sector knowledge to help calculate the volume of the heating duty required. In response, our specialists supplied the client with a number of portable DE25 electric units which they positioned around the dining area as well as the kitchens. This heating rental package remained in place until the fixed system could be repaired.

Our client was extremely pleased with our swift service – getting the heating hire arrangement to them less than two hours after the original enquiry. This efficient response served to keep indoor temperatures at the desired level and allowed the restaurant to remain open, avoiding any further complications.


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Andrews Sykes staff enjoy successful Flood Management event

With summer now over and the UK weather beginning to show one or two signs of what lies ahead, Andrews Dehumidification and Sykes Pumps have already begun to raise awareness about the services we offer following the devastating floods that struck many parts of the country earlier this year.

Members of staff attended the New Civil Engineer Flood Management Forum in London last week, giving us the chance to interact with a selection of important industry guests. The two-day event commenced with a seminar lead by senior figures at the Environment Agency, while County Council directors and project managers also conveyed the struggles they have endured as a result of flooding.

As experts in the provision of flood alleviation and prevention equipment, we were delighted to have a platform to promote the services we offer whenever an emergency situations occur.

The conference was an extremely positive experience and gave key employees an opportunity to connect with decision makers at the relevant organisations. This first contact has already yielded an enquiry from a new customer, who has discussed the possibility of hiring a pump from us on a precautionary basis.

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Sykes Pump Hire recreates African waterfall

Sykes Pumps are no strangers to the country’s most famous television and film studios. Our wide range of equipment enables our clients to produce special effects and scenes that require huge volumes of water.

In this instance, our technicians were called in to assist with the creation of an African waterfall for a famous action adventure movie. In order for this vision to become a reality and to look as authentic as possible, we supplied our client with six High Performance pumps which were housed in silenced canopies. As well as this, a large quantity of high pressure pipework was needed and fitted around the set itself.

This film set pump hire arrangement was ideal for the project at hand as the client sought quiet units to avoid any interference with the recording process.

Our team was able to provide a pumping rental solution suitable for special effects, making it possible for the producers to capture a breath-taking scene that exceeded expectations.

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Andrews Sykes proud to support amateur football club

At Andrews Sykes, we pride ourselves on building and developing relationships with all factions of our community – including long-lasting associations with members of staff. This commitment has seen us involved with a variety of charity schemes, local events and sponsorships, ranging from professional football clubs right through to teams competing at grassroots level.

Our links with Stratford Town Junior FC however, are particularly poignant and sentimental for many Andrews Sykes employees. The Midlands-based side are captained by Cameron Ford – son of the company’s former Chief Financial Officer, Kevin.

Kevin sadly passed at the beginning of 2015 after more than 35 years of service, and so as a much-loved and respected figure within the business, it is fantastic for us to be able to honour his memory in this way. We are delighted to sponsor the club’s playing kit and have a direct connection with something that Kevin himself was passionate about – football.

Naturally, we wish the team all the best for the 2016-17 campaign and look forward to monitoring their progress now that the season is underway.

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Andrews Dehumidifier Hire creates tank repair solution

A nationally renowned tank farm in Teesside recently contacted the specialists at Andrews Dehumidifier Hire for a practical solution to avoid the high risk of their tanks corroding.

Fuel storage tanks typically require servicing every 6-12 months. This lengthy process involves exposing the interior steel surface to clean and repair the product. During the servicing process the steel is exposed and at high risk of corrosion from humid air as well as moisture from within the tank – something our hired drying units can prevent!

Our specialist team responded within 24hours, conducting a thorough comprehensive site survey, recommending a tailored solution for our client which included the renting of two KT2000 desiccant dehumidifiers and one DE190 electric heater.

Without this tailored solution our client could not have completed the repair without damaging the steel surface and the new protective coating, put on after the servicing, would not have cured in time. With our services, our client managed to save a considerable amount of time, moving on to their next project stress free.

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Famous London-based tailor seeks cooling equipment for customers

In some scenarios, cooling fans can be more a more effective and suitable way of reducing temperature than conventional air conditioning units. The Andrews cooling fan hire range has been specifically designed for this type of situation, and our units are regularly deployed in shops, retail outlets and similar environments.

A London heatwave during the summer of 2016 saw a longstanding customer approach us for some ventilation equipment, which they had used to cool their shop floor on previous occasions. Our client – one of Britain’s most esteemed tailors – was based in Westminster, and was looking to keep people comfortable while they browsed.

We decided to replicate the same hire solution used last summer, and this comprised of four ASF21 cooling fans and two larger ASF50 models. These were plugged into available power sockets and helped circulate high volumes of fresh, cool air throughout the entire store.

The equipment was originally sought for a one-week period but were retained for an additional week due to continued hot weather. Once again, the expertise of our local technician was appreciated and enabled a long-term partner to remain open for business without inconveniencing potential consumers.

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Andrews provide national conference with cooling hire package

When a major pharmaceutical company required extra cooling for a highly publicised conference, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was on hand to help.

The event took place at the Heart of England Conference Centre, in their extended marquee, providing the company with complete covered access for more than 300 guests.

Due to September’s record-breaking temperatures and intermittent humidity swings exhibited by most marquees, our client contacted us to provide a practical solution that would successfully cool the key heat generated areas, as well as providing comfort cooling for the guests.

Despite having no access to the site prior to the event, our specialists were able to provide expert advice for the amount of cooling required, via drawings – deciding that the best course of action was to recommend the hire of ten PAC22 split-type air conditioners.

Once commissioned, our air conditioning hire solution worked perfectly by providing adequate cooling for the event, leaving our client extremely impressed with the results and our service.

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UK facing “four months of snow” according to forecasters

Despite record-breaking September temperatures across much of the country, weather experts have suggested a harsh winter is just around the corner – with prolonged periods of heavy snowfall imminent.

Seasonal storms are set to hit the UK in just six weeks, with widescale “whiteouts” expected until as late as February. This prediction is in stark contrast to recent winters, which have been comparatively mild.

Exacta Weather’s James Madden, explains: “Despite the much warmer than average but unsettled summer and the warm start to autumn, people should not be lulled into a false sense of security.”

“Throughout this winter we fully expect some quite potent wintry blasts from as early as November for the northern half of the country, and even the southern half of the country can expect some prolonged wintry weather at times.

“This does not dispel some large temperature swings to milder and potentially stormy weather conditions throughout this winter period, but we do expect less stormy weather conditions throughout this winter and in comparison to the last few winter periods.

“The bitter forecast comes amid predictions subtle changes in atmospheric pressure will open the floodgates to freezing air from the Arctic through the season.”

Fortunately, there is no need to panic just yet with current UK temperatures still around the mid-teens! But with October just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about making plans for the colder months of the year.

At Andrews, we stock a full range of climate control products that ensure clients from a broad range of industries are protected regardless of season. If you have an upcoming requirement and wish to discuss the benefits of a heating hire package or a temporary boiler arrangement, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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Blueberry yield protected during summer heatwave

When a distinguished farm in eastern England required air conditioning to help keep produce cool during the height of summer, they approached us in search of a practical solution. As an existing client, they knew Andrews would be able to offer same-day delivery which was extremely important given how quickly high temperatures can affect perishable food.

Our customer was looking to keep vast quantities of freshly-picked blueberries in a makeshift storage centre, but as construction had not been completed, some temporary cooling assistance was needed immediately.

We recommended the deployment of a PAC 22 split-type air conditioner after calculating that approximately 6kW of cooling would be sufficient. The enquiry was handled over the phone and culminated in our equipment being delivered to site less than four hours after original contact.

Once commissioned, our unit ensured the application’s temperature was maintained at 12°C throughout the two months it was on hire. The fruit was therefore kept unspoiled during this period and was delivered in perfect condition to various retailers nationwide.

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