Andrews assists Sussex WWII air raid shelter

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was recently contacted with an unusual request to assist the drying of a WWII air raid shelter in Brighton, Sussex, which had previously been concealed beneath the tarmac of a school playground!

Incredibly, workers at Downs Junior School rediscovered a once forgotten air raid bunker situated three metres underground. Since then, volunteers have come together to restore the shelter which experts believe would have originally been used to protect as many as 300 children from Luftwaffe planes. The area has since been converted into a local museum which offers an authentic insight into life during the Blitz.

The bunker’s location has unsurprisingly led to excess moisture building up on the walls, floor and some of the artefacts on display. One of our local experts visited the site and deduced that the restriction of a small manhole-style entrance would dictate which equipment we could use to help dry the application.

One of our small refrigerant dehumidifiers was recommended because of its aptitude for operating in tight spaces, and this was deployed with the intention of quickly drying the worst affected areas. We have since been delighted to learn that our drying solution has successfully restored the desired conditions to help preserve the environment.

At Andrews Dehumidification, we take pride in being able to help clients with requirements on any scale. For more information on the products we offer or to get some advice on the best course of action for you, call us today on 0800 211 611.


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Andrews Sykes invest in senior management team

Understanding the importance of a driven and committed workforce is fundamental to the long-term success of any company.

This is an outlook firmly held at Andrews Sykes, and one of the many reasons we are so keen to invest in our staff whenever possible.

As a result, we have extended our senior management team to ensure the business continues to flourish – promoting internally in some cases and appointing external candidates in others.

New HR manager Andrew Timmins joined us in January and cited his previous experience of dealing with Andrews as a key factor in him coming on board.

He said: “In a previous job, my firm would use Andrews’ products in cross-hires. The reason we chose them [us] as a supplier was because of their reputation – even back then – as a customer-focused company delivering high quality products and leading the way.”

Nigel Tasker arrived around the same time as Andrew and has taken up a Group IT Director role off the back of fifteen years’ experience in the sector.

Objectives have already been drawn up, and Nigel has been quick to familiarise himself with the business and what needs to be added during his tenure.

Speaking earlier in March, he said: “My philosophy is that we are a service to the business, so it’s up to us to make solutions available wherever necessary. I’ve been very impressed with our UK systems and hope to streamline these further before expanding them to Europe. This will help us, our customers – everyone really!”

A theme of Andrews’ growth has been our ability to adapt to industry changes and ensure we are always in a position to accommodate unique customer demands.

Recently promoted to Divisional Director of Scotland, Murray Stewart’s eleven years here have had a huge impact on our development north of the border which he expects to continue going forward.

He said: “Some of the biggest challenges we face are acclimatising to an everchanging market but still staying one step ahead of the game. We’re good at that. We’ve led the way on all sorts of issues, from environmental compliance to energy efficiency, and that’s something we should be proud of.

“In the last twelve months alone, we’ve had to extend our team and vehicle fleet by more than 20% in each case in Scotland to ensure we stay on top of demand. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing our branding and equipment on site, which is happening regularly. That shows we’re doing well.

A ‘can do’ culture undeniably exists among our staff and this is something we’re immensely proud of. Indeed, the desire to communicate and cooperate with colleagues is something people regularly comment on when they visit our depots – as David Mahon points out.

Now Regional Director of the North, David is adamant that this unique working environment has more than played its part in our success over the years.

He said: “Although we’re a PLC, the company really has a family feel about it – and that’s down to the people that work here. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to a labourer or a senior director, everyone has time for you. It’s not like that everywhere.

“Andrews is different to other organisations in the sense that here, our people are empowered and actively encouraged to go out and make a difference. That’s what we try to do every single day.”

These sentiments have already been endorsed by Mark Page, our new Southern Regional Director, who has been quick to pick up on the positive attitude of those working alongside him.

Mark said: “My first impression of the company is that we’ve got some excellent people here. There’s a genuine spirit among staff which seems to breed a far greater deal of cooperation than I’m used to, whether that be between people from different departments or even different depots.

“It’s also amazing to see the number of long-serving people still working at Andrews Sykes, and shows the company must be doing things properly. It’s a cliché, but there aren’t many organisations that can boast such an experienced and loyal workforce. Everyone is so committed to the cause, and I think that’s clear to see.”

For more detail on the above story, please click here to visit our news page.

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Andrews Sykes rescue Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens

When a century-old plant collection in the Scottish capital became under threat following a boiler breakdown, Andrews Heat for Hire stepped in to ensure glasshouse temperatures were kept at the required level.

We were contacted by the client who sought an emergency heating hire solution after the boiler pipework burst, rendering their entire system useless!

Unsurprisingly, our customer was extremely concerned about the implications for the facility which contained unique species that only existed in Edinburgh.

Fortunately, Andrews have developed a nationwide reputation for our ability to supply urgent heating requirements and had previously provided equipment in similar circumstances to the Kew Gardens in London.

In this instance, we supplied ten ID65 indirect-fired oil heaters which were designed for deployment in poorly ventilated areas such as greenhouse applications.

We calculated that this number of units would be ideal for keeping temperatures between 12°C and 14°C within an environment spanning approximately 4,000 square feet.

Experts have deduced that this solution will keep every plant alive while the normal heating system is offline, much to the relief of the client.

Our swift intervention was therefore crucial in preserving tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of rare natural assets, despite everyone on site initially fearing the worst.

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UPS room kept functional thanks to bespoke cooling solution

When one of London’s most high-profile banks required a temporary climate control solution, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was on hand to provide the necessary equipment to help safeguard one of the most important rooms in the building.

The facilities management company in charge of the project contacted our specialists in search of an emergency cooling arrangement that could successfully maintain temperatures of 23°C and below, following plans to take their existing cooling system offline inside their UPS room.

An Andrews specialist conducted a free site survey to ascertain the exact requirements for this job, deciding upon ten PAC 22 portable air conditioning units. The units were positioned inside the application to provide high-volume cooling for batteries inside the UPS room.

Our air conditioning hire package was delivered to site within 24 hours of initial contact and worked perfectly to provide a constant stream of cool air was ducted into the affected area. The equipment we recommended was effective in maintaining the desired temperature and ensuring everything ran smoothly in the absence of a permanent air conditioning system.

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World-famous research facility seek short-term drying solution

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was recently contacted by a leading research facility in London, who sought an urgent drying solution to assist them with the severe condensation in their plant room.

The client had become concerned about condensation building up in their plant room as it was putting their technical equipment at risk of damage. As a result, our specialist team were drafted in to conduct a survey of the site before suggesting an effective dehumidification hire solution to combat the undesirable conditions.

Our specialists decided the best course of action would be to deploy and install three FD40 refrigerant dehumidifiers along with condensate pumps, which they positioned inside the affected area to effectively speed up the drying process.

Once operational, our equipment ensured a stable environment was constantly maintained with a significant reduction of moisture in the air. Without this dehumidifier hire package, our client could not have dried out the plant room, which would have eventually led to their sensitive monitoring equipment breaking down.

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Sykes supply exclusive fishing lake with pump hire arrangement

At Sykes Pumps, we routinely provide temporary hire solutions to fishing lakes, rivers and other natural watercourses while adhering to the strict environmental legislation in place. Sykes’ widely experienced engineers have worked on aeration projects, dredging schemes and silt removal applications on countless occasions, which is why our services are so sought after within the sector.

Our ability to provide 24/7 service and out-of-hours assistance are two of many reasons why fisheries around the UK make us their first port of call when problems arise.

It was this confidence that prompted the proprietors of a popular fishing lake in Kent to contact us after their pumps on site failed unexpectedly. They sought a suitable replacement to supersede their faulty units to allow normal day-to-day activity to continue at one of the country’s most exclusive fisheries.

A technical expert visited the lake to familiarise themselves with the application before recommending the most appropriate unit from our expansive pump hire fleet. Two specialist submersible pumps were proposed and delivered promptly to ensure the potential for unwanted downtime was averted.

Club member Lee Jackson, who is arguably one of the UK’s most famous carp anglers and winner of the 2017 World Carp Classic in France, was full of praise for Sykes Pumps after the installation was carried out.

He said: “I’m very happy with the swift response of Sykes Pumps and the equipment they provided despite the short notice. When the lakes’ own pumps broke down out of the blue, we were desperate to find a reliable supplier that we could trust.

“The two replacement pumps were up and running in no time and played a vital role in restoring normal service for the lake and its members.”

We pride ourselves on being able to help clients on any scale, at any time, and at any location, and have an aptitude for doing so with minimal fuss. If you have an upcoming requirement or need additional information on how we can assist you, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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Sykes provide pumping solution for large scale renovation project

The renovation of one of the South Coast’s most historical theatres was dependent upon the intervention of specialist hire company, Sykes Pumps. Before the project commenced, we sent an engineer to our client’s site – in Eastbourne – to assess the job’s unique requirements.

As part of the overhaul, the entire toilet block was to be relocated elsewhere, along with the sewer that ran underneath it. We were therefore asked to create a diversion to ensure outflows from the original toilet block were redirected to a nearby manhole.

It was decided that two JS750 submersible pumps would be suitable for handling the flows being produced, and these were each fitted with non-return valves and 3” wire-armoured hose. We also supplied a standby unit, but this was ultimately not required.

The two rented pumps proved more than adequate for the application and were kept on site for approximately 10 months. Our customer was extremely pleased with the solution implemented as it was crucial in facilitating major development works taking place inside the theatre.

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Andrews Sykes’ West Sussex hire depot now open for business

Our new West Sussex hire depot is now officially open for business and ready to serve customers across the county.

For many years, Andrews Sykes have been developing relationships with partners based in West Sussex to such an extent that we feel now is the right time to open a dedicated branch to serve the area. This strategically chosen depot will give us a much greater localised presence and allow us to quickly reach customers across Gatwick, Burgess Hill, Crawley, Lewes, Brighton, Eastbourne, Worthing, the South Downs and many other towns.

We are a 15-minute drive from Gatwick Airport and Brighton city centre and have deliberately chosen a location that is situated near to several major road links.

The company is very keen to enhance our profile throughout West Sussex and we welcome the opportunity to connect with existing and new clients going forward. As part of a wider strategy, we have recruited several new members of staff to handle local operations including engineers, drivers and a depot manager.

As with all Andrews Sykes depots, our West Sussex branch stocks a full range of air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, chillers, boilers and pumps for hire to ensure clients from all sectors are provided for.

David Himsworth, UK Director of Operations, said: “This depot provides us with a fantastic opportunity to deliver an enhanced level of service to those based in the immediate vicinity and beyond. We’re confident this strategic decision will strengthen our market position in the South East and enable us to cut response times in situations where immediate attention is required.”

For directions on how best to reach us, click here.

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Andrews provide heating hire solution for one of the UK’s best-known bakers

Andrews Heat for Hire recently responded to an emergency call from one of the UK’s best-known bakers. The company sought to raise temperatures inside a temporary warehouse to assist with the storage of bread, cakes and muffins, and needed a short-term heater hire to enable this.

As a result of a huge expansion project, the client began building a new distribution centre in to better accommodate their flour products. However, while the new facility was being built they were required to lease a temporary warehouse in Worthing.

The products in question need to be kept at between 10°C and 18°C otherwise they would have quickly become stale. To prevent this from happening, our experts deployed and installed two FH4000 portable oil heaters which were used to raise temperatures evenly throughout the entire application.

Our heater hire package worked perfectly and ensured a constant stream of warm air was ducted into the building, thereby keeping the warehouse at the correct temperature and prolonging the shelf-life of the products due to go on sale.

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Swift pump hire ensures sewage treatment maintenance project is completed months ahead of schedule

When one of the country’s largest sewage treatment plants reported an issue with their fixed pumps, they knew that Sykes Pumps could provide a suitable replacement pump hire package while the original units were repaired off site.

Two of the customer’s pumps were therefore taken offline, and we had to propose a solution that would also facilitate the repair of a valve which was crucial in staving sewage effluent and preventing overflowing.

It was decided that deploying six 6” submersible pumps in the overflow chamber and having a seventh on standby would be sufficient for over-pumping a flow of 1,200 litres of sewage per second. Positioning our pumps inside the chamber could have proved a real challenge but any potential difficulties were overcome by using the cranes on our Hiab lorries.

Once the units were in place, we ran a test to reassure the client and prove that the pump hire arrangement we had advocated worked as planned. Our pumps performed at the necessary level and surpassed customer expectations, enabling the system to be commissioned straightaway. This was despite the project originally being scheduled to take place during the summer.

This scheme, although slightly unusual, reinforces the confidence we have in our engineers to specify similar applications and assertively declare our capability to carry out the job without issue.

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