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Andrews Air Conditioning Hire offers a wide range of portable air conditioner units for hire or sale. These are divided into four main categories: Exhaust tube units which disperse the heat via a small exhaust tube, split type units, which are typically used for environments, which require large capacities, such as server rooms or large offices, and evaporative coolers which provide comfort cooling where conventional air conditioners cannot be used. We also offer a range of cooling fans which can be used to provide a more comfortable environment to large areas. By choosing Andrews;

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Why choose Andrews?

  • You have the assurance of environmentally friendly, energy efficient Portable Air conditioning units for reduced emissions and lower running costs.
  • All our Portable Air Conditioner units are very easy to use: simply plug them in and you're in business.
  • We're very easy to do business with - with flexible short and long-term Air Conditioner Hire options.
  • Competitive hire rates, discounts for continuous periods and special packages for everything from a single room to multiple sites.
  • Andrews Air Conditioner Hire provides planned support and the fastest emergency response, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.
  • We have depots located nationwide to provide you with a local service and advice or a Free site survey by one of our experienced advisors.
  • Andrews have the widest range of units to choose from, with thousands of units ready for same day delivery, we are the UK’s leading specialist hire company, so call us now on 0800 211 611.

Andrews have the largest range of portable air conditioning units available for hire in the UK.

We will deliver to you fast from our nationwide depots. Unlike other suppliers we guarantee a "Genuine" 24/7 365 days a year fast and friendly service!

We'll help you decide which air conditioning unit is best for you to help create comfortable and welcoming environments for as little as £4.00 a day. We provide four distinct types of air conditioner, dependant on your cooling needs.

Exhaust tube air conditioning units

These stylish units are extremely portable and are very popular for a wide range of cooling requirements. They are often used in offices or for retail applications and are regularly used to cool small server rooms. Exhaust tube units are simple to operate and can be operational within minutes of arriving at your location. Only needing a standard domestic 13 Amp power socket and a means to exhaust the hot air, these units are truly “plug and play”. The exhaust tube can simply be directed out through an opening window or vented via a false ceiling. To view our full range of portable exhaust tube air conditioning units please click here.

Split type portable air conditioners

These highly efficient units provide high capacity cooling but remain easily portable. Split type portable air conditioners (PAC) units have a wide range of applications. They are very popular for server rooms, communication rooms, switchgear and computer rooms. These are extremely effective in providing cooling for offices, shops and special events including exhibitions stands. Called split type, they comprise two parts which are separate but connected by a small flexible pipe. The main unit is installed within the room that requires cooling and is often referred to as the “room unit”. This part provides cool air into the room and requires a standard 13 Amp, 3 pin, domestic power socket for operation. The second part is placed outside of the room where it disperses the heat. This part is referred to as the “outdoor unit” or “heat exchanger”. These two units can be positioned as far as 30 metres apart. To view our full range of portable split type air conditioning units please click here.

Evaporative coolers

Although these units are not technically air conditioning units, they are widely used to provide high volumes of cool air into areas that are normally difficult to cool. They are very popular for retail environments, gymnasiums, public areas, events and any area which has plenty of natural ventilation. They work by moving high volumes of warm room air across a dampened filter media. As the air moves through the unit the moisture is evaporated allowing the air to be cooled and providing the area with a cool breeze effect. To view our full range of evaporative coolers please click here.

High performance air conditioning units

For large areas such as factories or corporate events, our high performance air conditioners (HPAC) can provide the perfect solution. They are also used to cool areas that produce high levels of heat such as data centres, manufacturing facilities and food processing plants. The HPAC 90 unit provides 90kW of cooling but remains mobile, having wheels, fork lift slots and lifting eyes incorporated within its design. These units are normally installed externally with the cooled air ducted into the building via flexible ducting. The heat pump versions can also provide warm air if required during variable weather conditions. To view our high performance air conditioning units please click here.

The largest range of products, a friendly and reliable service, coupled with highly competitive prices – that’s the Andrews Air Conditioning promise. We'll provide a cooler, more comfortable and more productive environment no matter what your temperature control problems are. A quick call to 0800 211 611 will connect you with one of our specialist advisors who will help you select the best air conditioner for your application. If your requirements are a little more complex, we’ll arrange for one of our sales engineers to visit and provide a free site survey. If you prefer, simply complete an online enquiry form and we will be back in touch shortly.

Once we have agreed the best solution, we will provide a detailed quotation explaining the proposed solution. When you’re ready to proceed we’ll deliver and set up the system, leaving you to carry on with your normal activities. The whole process can often be completed within a single day.

After the equipment has been installed and commissioned, we provide a 24/365 support service should you have any difficulties or require further assistance. At the end of any pre-agreed hire period, or when you decide you no longer need the equipment, we will return to site, remove the air conditioning units quickly and safely from your premises and transport them away.

Andrews is the UK's leader for air conditioning and portable cooler hire. We provide:

  • A 24/365 friendly local service from branches nationwide
  • Free advice or on site survey
  • The UK's most advanced portable air conditioning units
  • Fast delivery – often within four hours of your call
  • Delivery, set-up and servicing by expert engineers
  • Complete packages to meet your precise needs, timescales and budget

With branches located throughout the UK and Europe we’re never far away. Click here to find your nearest location.

With the greatest range of choice and an unrivalled back up service, any requirements for air conditioning London can be met. Whether it's for a highly technical application involving mission critical equipment or simply cooling for staff, our expertise can solve your problem.

For us, air conditioning hire in London is second nature, so call us on 0208 858 8121 and we'll deal with your enquiry immediately.

Offices - Air Conditioning Hire
When temperatures rise, productivity drops and tempers get frayed. At the best of times, modern offices generate colossal amounts of heat. We'll be with you fast!

Retail - Portable Air Conditioner
Our portable air conditioners help create the right environment for sales and customer service.

Hospitality & Restaurants - Air Conditioners
Andrews air conditioners ensure the best guest experience for hotels, hospitality and leisure: locations where it's essential guests and staff can stay cool and comfortable.

IT & Communications - Air Conditioner Rental
Air conditioning rental from Andrews help ensure mission-critical hi-tech equipment works within accepted temperature parameters, so avoiding business downtime.

Exhibitions & Events - AC Hire
Rises in temperature needn't mean conditions in indoor and outdoor events get uncomfortably hot: our AC hire services deliver a cooler environment for guests and staff.

Local Authorities - Portable Air Conditioners
We work alongside local government UK-wide, providing a huge range of air conditioner hire services: for offices, education, sports, libraries and leisure.

Hospitals & Healthcare - Air Conditioners
Providing reliable air conditioner rental for hire in hospitals, clinics, GP's practices and nursing homes requires specialist knowledge and a real service commitment.

Public Sector - Cooler Hire
The only UK government approved supplier for air conditioner and cooling equipment for hire, we work in central government, the criminal justice system including prisons, education and healthcare.

London Air Conditioner
Our huge stock levels of portable air conditioner units mean we can deliver powerful london air conditioning within 4 hours.

  • 30 Locations

    30 Locations

    Over 30 locations and hire centres UK-wide, and over 500 dedicated employees worldwide.

  • Major Account Management

    Major Account Management

    We provide a unique Major Account Management capability across our full range of products and services.

  • Instant Delivery

    Instant Delivery

    Fast Nationwide delivery - within four hours of your call.

  • 24 Hour Service

    24 Hour Service

    Andrews Sykes hire guarantee you quality equipment and service, fully trained and experienced engineers on call 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Free Site Survey

    Free Site Survey

    We offer free, no obligation, site surveys and quotations.

  • Price Competitive

    Price Competitive

    We provide a price competitive, sales and support service for our extensive range.